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   Chapter 334 You Could Take My Life

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During the day, Rachel seemed normal. Hiram thought she had recovered, but his wife had a fever again at night.

It unnerved him.

The clock on the wall told Hiram that it was 3 a.m. Hiram peered at the thermometer. It read 37.5 degrees Celsius. Rachel's body temperature had dropped a little.

He got up to change the towel on her forehead. Then he went to lie down.

It was odd how she felt better one minute, but sick in the next. This had been the case for the past three days.

During these days when Rachel was sick, Hiram didn't go to his company. Instead, he stayed and took care of his wife. Over the past two days when Rachel had intravenous drips, he didn't leave her. Hiram waited by her bed, and even spoon fed her.

Rachel didn't expect that she would be sick for so long. On the fourth day, however, she felt a little better.

The longer Rachel was confined to her bed, the more she yearned to go out, even if it was just for a short walk. But she had been grounded by Hiram. He had told her that she wouldn't be able to go out for a week.

Every five to ten minutes, Rachel would implore her husband to let her step out. At last, Hiram gave in and agreed that she could take a ride in the car.

Hiram asked Carl to drive Rachel around. Gleefully, Rachel rushed to the car. Hiram had instructed Carl to drive with the windows rolled up. He didn't want his wife to catch a chill from the wind, not even a little bit. Rachel seemed pretty excited. She spent every second looking at the scenery, and the passengers on the street as though she had never seen any of this before. Her enthusiasm was justified. After all, she had been at home for a few days.

"Carl, I want to take a walk on the street in front. Pull over and let me out," she said to Carl who was driving slowly.

Rachel's request put Carl between a rock and a hard place. He glanced at Rachel through the rearview mirror and said,"Rachel, don't put me in a dilemma. Hiram only agreed to a car ride. He specifically said not to let you out. It is cold and windy today. What if you get sick again?"

Over the past four days when Rachel had been sick, Carl had noticed that Hiram barely went to the company. Instead, he had chosen to stay by her bed to look after her. No matter how important things were, Hiram had refused all requests to go to work.

Rachel sighed and said,"I'm not that vulnerable. Besides, Hiram is not with us right now. I will just walk around. Don't worry. He won't find out about it."

Hiram had been extremely anxious over these past few days. He didn't leave any opportunities for Rachel to catch a cold. He had closed all the windows so that the cold air wouldn't blow in the house. Even when Rachel stood at the window because she wanted to take some fresh air, Hiram would make a long face. He had to make sure she would be all right.

"How abo

e you. Can you stop your wishful thinking? In the past, I was compassionate. I did it because I felt sorry for you not because I liked you. Don't misunderstand my actions, okay?"

Patrick glanced at the floor. Disappointment appeared in his eyes. He forced a smile. "Of course, I know you don't like me. And I know that you were just being kind. However, I don't care. There's no rule forbidding me from loving you. I can like you. You have the right to reject me and continue with your life. I just wish that I could see you once in a while! That will be enough for me."

His words reminded Rachel of Daniel. Daniel liked Rachel too, but in an entirely different way.

Daniel hid his feelings. He would never disturb Rachel. But Patrick was different. Patrick didn't care if others discovered that he liked her. And he dared to act on his feelings.

That was the main difference between these two men.

"But, do you know the word 'respect'? Does it exist in your dictionary? Respect is a premise for loving another person. Even if I don't have any right to interfere in your life, would you at least show me some respect?"

Rachel sighed.

Suddenly, Patrick approached her. He put one hand on the door and leaned closer to her. Anxious, Rachel shuffled her feet. Patrick raised an eyebrow.

"I respect you very much. If I didn't, I would have thrown myself all over you in bed a thousand times. I let you disappear from my sight and don't follow you when you return to your husband time and time again, just because I respect you."

When Rachel heard Patrick, she knitted her eyebrows and glared at him. "Patrick, watch your mouth! I am warning you."

"Oh, sorry. No offense. I was too forward by sharing my thoughts. But, Rachel, I only ask for one day. Spend one day with me. Just one day, even if...

even if it means I will lose my life."

Patrick pressed closer and whispered to Rachel.

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