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   Chapter 333 Darling, I Am Sick

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"When did you come back?" Rachel's eyes were wide with surprise as soon as she saw Hiram. She quickly hung the phone up and removed the hot towel on her head.

On the other hand, Hiram remained casual while taking his coat off. He was rolling his sleeves up when he began walking towards Rachel. "What's wrong? Did I interrupt your conversation with your best friend? Or was it because you were speaking ill of me?"

Everybody in the office knew that he had a lot of things to do and that his desk was cluttered with documents. Nonetheless, he put all his businesses aside and rushed home as he knew that Rachel was sick. It would be impossible for him to concentrate on his job anyway since he was too worried to feel at ease.

"Nothing like that, okay? I am just wondering why you came home early. Don't you have any other businesses to deal with?" Rachel sat on the bed without moving her gaze away from Hiram. She had always known him as the busiest boss in the world. Thus, it was a bit strange to see him home as early as now.

He did mention that he would be home 'early' today. She thought he meant 'early in the evening' though.

Hiram noticed the bewilderment on her face as he continued to walk towards her. He gave the beautiful lady a quick once-over and then cocked his head. "What do you mean? Aren't you happy that I'm home early? What's so surprising about it?"

He teased her before reaching up to her forehead to check her temperature.

A relief sigh escaped his chest upon feeling her skin. She still had a fever but she was a whole lot better now.

"I..." Rachel stammered from how his eyes were focused on hers. Goodness! Could somebody tell her how not to melt under his piercing stare?

"Hold on. Didn't you say that I don't have the heart to make love to you? How about we test that? Try me, Rachel." Hiram's voice was suddenly low when he pulled on the towel in her hand. He put it on the side table without even breaking his intense stare from her face.

The action made Rachel's heartbeat doubled. She lowered her head and murmured,"But I am sick now..."

"Oh! But you were beaming with joy while you were talking to your best friend. How could someone sick be smiling as much as you did?" Hiram cut her words off with a playful grin.

"Why? Should I be crying? Isn't smiling a part of patient's legal rights nowadays?"

"Okay, just lie on the bed and have a

he would always make him happy. My father never had the heart to blame her for the mistakes she made." Gavin's face brightened as he recalled the past.

Lydia patted her father's shoulder and asked in a low voice,"Dad, do you know why Aunt died unexpectedly?"

The question kept Gavin silent for a second. He shook his head after a while and sighed,"There were witnesses who told me the story but none of them was able to give any evidence. There were even days when I just wanted to give up on finding the truth."

"Dad, how could you just give up? Aunt is our family! We should find out the reason for her death! Well, Dad, I am free these days. How about letting me find the truth for you? There may be some good news!"

Lydia suggested. Aunt Landy's death was something she couldn't just let her dad ignore. She couldn't just let all her effort go down the drain, right?

Gavin gazed at his child and smiled. "Lydia, when I asked you to go on blind dates, you told me that you had no time. How come you are free now?"

"Well, Dad! You know me well. I don't like those men. If I really love someone, I will pursue him myself. Please don't worry about me and stop arranging blind dates for me!" said Lydia as she grabbed her dad's arm like a spoiled child.

"That's what I'm talking about. You are really like your aunt." Okay, do whatever you say!" Gavin said while grinning widely. Fondness was flooding him while looking at how similar Lydia was to her Aunt.

Hearing what he said made Lydia very excited, and she promised,"Believe me, Dad. I will definitely find the truth for you."

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