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   Chapter 332 Hiram, I Felt So Cold

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In the Tulip Palace

When Rachel came back, she went to the bathroom to take a hot bath. By the time she was done, Hiram had made a cup of hot ginger tea for her.

Holding the warm tea cup, Rachel sat on the bed and rested her head on Hiram's shoulders. "Hiram, I want to go to the company with you tomorrow. Wake me up in the morning, okay?"

"No problem, honey,"

said Hiram. He put down the book in his hand and kissed her fragrant hair. "Come to bed when you finish your ginger tea."

When Rachel finished her ginger tea, she lifted the quilt and slid under it. She crawled up to her husband and lay there with her hands on his waist.

A few moments later, Rachel, who had already closed her eyes, started to feel restless. She didn't feel sleepy at all. She felt dizzy, as if the room was spinning. She could feel her heart beating fast. "Hiram."

Seeing that Rachel couldn't fall asleep, Hiram turned off the bedside lamp. He pulled her closer to him and asked gently,"What's wrong, honey?"

"I feel a little cold. Hold me tighter." Rachel said, snuggling closer to Hiram. She could feel the stubble on his chin brushing against her nose. His manly scent made her feel safe and secure.

Hearing this, Hiram helped Rachel tuck in the bed more tightly. He touched her forehead with his hands. Something was wrong with her temperature. "Rachel, how uncomfortable do you feel? Your temperature is a little high. I think you have a fever."

Rachel shook her head and closed her eyes. "I'm fine. I guess I'm just a little tired. I'll be better when I wake up in the morning after a good rest."

Hiram didn't say a word. He furrowed his eyebrows. "Really? Do you want me to call a doctor?"

"No, Hiram. I'm fine, really. I feel sleepy, honey. Let's go to sleep." Rachel said to Hiram as she closed her eyes.

Indeed, it was a long and deep sleep.

Rachel didn't know how long she had slept. She heard someone calling her but she couldn't tell where it was coming from. It sounded like it was just beside her ear, but she was too drowsy to identify it clearly.

"Rachel?... Rachel!" Hiram was shaking Rachel's shoulders. But no matter how loud he shouted, Rachel just murmured something and didn't utter a word after that.

Hiram looked outside the window. It was already morning with the sky starting to turn light. He then checked his watch. It was six o'clock.

But as for Rachel, she was still in deep sleep and shut out from reality.

In her dream, she went back to the corn field again. The corn in the field were as tall as her and it was dark everywhere. It was so dark that Rachel couldn't see her own hands right in front of her.

All of a sudden, Rachel saw Daniel. She ran to him but when she got closer she found that he had become a dark mist and disappeared into thin air.

When she turned around again, she saw Zachary. He was pointing a gun at her head. "I let you run away la

mfortable this morning, so I decided to stay home. Oh, did Fiona tell you about Manager Wang?" Rachel asked. Their business with Manager Wang finally had a satisfactory outcome.

"Yes, she did. That asshole Manager Wang deserved it! I can't believe that he had the gall to even think about cheating us. We taught him a lesson this time, thank goodness!" Celine said excitingly,"Oh, and heads-up, Rachel. President Su came to visit our company yesterday."

Rachel raised an eyebrow and shifted the phone to her other ear. President Su?

Then she remembered what happened at the women's club. Could it be Serlina Su? What was she doing in Rachel's company? Was she there for an investigation and evaluation?

"President Su told me to ask you where you were hiding the man who served you that day. And if you are his sugar mommy." Celine pretended to be surprised and let out a laugh. "Rachel, when did you find such a man?"

Hearing Celine's words, Rachel remained silent for a few seconds. Then she couldn't help laughing herself. "Yes, I did find a boy toy to help me warm up my bed. Are you jealous of me, Celine?"

Celine crossed her arms while still holding the phone. "I'm not buying it! Rachel! If you really did that, your Mr. Wolf would never forgive you! He will eat you alive and his anger will be the end of humankind!" Celine exclaimed. Although she didn't know what happened, she knew that things were definitely not like what President Su was saying.

"Well, when it comes to me, my Mr. Wolf is an obedient little puppy and he listens to me. Although sometimes he is a little bossy and mean, he's gentle most of the time. He wouldn't really want to eat me alive."

Rachel was talking to Celine in an excited tone. It was almost as if she wasn't even sick.

Then she lifted her head and turned to the other side. There standing beside the bed and staring at her was Hiram, who had come back home without Rachel noticing.

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