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   Chapter 330 Help, Hiram!

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As she rolled her eyes, Rachel cracked a smile and said,"Listen, I didn't know you before, and he's a big star on the stage. You have no idea how many women go crazy over him!"

"Big star? Who, Clare?" Hiram asked as he narrowed his eyes. He seemed jealous and was waiting in anticipation for her to answer him.

Rachel coughed and drew him closer before speaking,"My Mr. Wolf, It happened before I met you. Besides, don't you think I can refrain myself from putting eyes on other men after marrying you?"

She was telling the truth. Ever since she met Hiram, she wasn't attracted to any other men but him.

Hearing what she said, Hiram's eyes lit up, and he said possessively,"If I see any hesitation on your face when I ask you the same question next time, I'll show you what it's like to stay in bed for a whole month. You'd better remind yourself of that!"

Rachel shrugged her shoulders and looked at her man, as he answered his phone. 'It is normal for people to hesitate before answering a question. Besides, everyone needs to think before responding to a question, right?

How could I remember something on the spot? Especially, if it happened a long time ago, ' she thought.

"Mr. Rong, how could you come to M City without making an effort to see me? You know what? There's a boxing match today, and it's the finals. I have reserved a few seats. Will you join me?" Marcia said loudly, while she was on the phone.

Glancing at his wife next to him, who seemed to be listening attentively, Hiram replied,"It seems like you know things, Miss Mo! However, I'm not available today. Perhaps another time."

Marcia enjoyed organizing underground boxing matches. However, Hiram was worried about Rachel. The last thing he wanted to do was scare her.

"Mr. Rong, since you won't be joining me for the match, I would just like to remind you that we need to discuss the matter that was raised from the previous time we met. I think it would be adequate to talk about it tonight. So, can I have a moment of your time?" Marcia continued. It seemed like she refused to take no for an answer, until Hiram agreed.

Hiram hesitated for a second and replied,"Well, of course. I won't forget, Miss Mo. Okay, see you later then!"

The moment Hiram hung up the phone, Rachel leaned over him and asked curiously,"Was that a woman? She invited you to watch a boxing match?"

Marcia's voice was so loud over the phone, that Rachel could hear their entire discussion.

Hiram looked down at her holding onto him and replied softly,"Yes, she invited me to a boxing match."

"Right! I've never watched a boxing mat

lot of piercings. Besides, what they wore seemed unpleasant too. She felt very uncomfortable.

Hiram grabbed her shoulder and patted it lightly, saying,"Don't worry! It's just a match. Once it's finished, we'll leave."

He couldn't tell her that they were indeed in the underworld, as he was afraid that it would frighten her. He didn't want her to run away.

On the other hand, Ben, Hiram's educated assistant, also didn't enjoy events like this, as it was Chad who usually accompanied Hiram. Although Ben was scared at first, he adapted to the new environment quickly. He had to adapt to places like this, as he was already working for Hiram for several years. He was thus well informed about all events.

And on some occasions, no matter what Ben thought in his heart, he would never lose Hiram's face.

After taking their seats, Rachel buried herself in Hiram's arms and looked at the boxing ring. Hearing a steady beat on the drum, two gigantic men commenced their fight inside of the ring.

It was the first time Rachel had seen a match waiting for an audience.

'Where's the judge?' she wondered.

She looked around the ring but saw that there wasn't a judge on the stage.

"There's no judge because all of the competitors have signed a death disclaimer before agreeing to fight," Hiram said, as though he knew what she was thinking.

"What?" Rachel exclaimed and covered her mouth with both of her hands. She opened her eyes and watched the boxers punch each other without showing any mercy. A single smash to the face made one of them bleed excessively. It seemed like the last thing they wanted to do, was stop.

As the boxers continued to fight fiercely inside of the ring, the audience's roars echoed manically.

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