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   Chapter 329 I Want To Seduce Him

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Mr. Zhao smoldered with resentment when the cooperation slipped through his fingers. However, he didn't dare to lose his temper or express his dissatisfaction in front of Hiram.

Toby's legs were so weak that he could barely stand. Terror had rendered him speechless.

According to the information he had received, RaR was just a small business, and there was no secret supporter funding the company. That was why he had dared to do this. He had never expected that Hiram, an extremely powerful man, could have such a close connection to RaR company!

"No, I don't think it's necessary."

Hiram snorted. He continued to walk away from the men, his hand tightly wrapped around Rachel's shoulders.

As they stepped out, Rachel asked Carl and the other employees to leave first. Only after they had gone did Rachel get into Hiram's car.

"Mr. Rong, Mrs. Rong, actually, I have something to share with you. I didn't say anything before as I thought it might be inappropriate to bring it up in front of Mr. Zhao," Ben bowed his head and spoke softly. He knew that Hiram would find out sooner or later and that it was in his best interest to confess now.

"That man, Toby, is Mr. Zhao's brother-in-law. But Mr. Zhao has never openly acknowledged Toby as his relative within his company. That's why Toby has the nerve to play tricks under Mr. Zhao's nose!"

Rachel listened to Ben carefully. She finally understood why Mr. Zhao would keep a vermin in his company for so long. Had Toby not been Mr. Zhao's brother-in-law, he would have fired Toby!

Hiram was not surprised at the news either as he had already figured out that there was a deeper connection between Mr. Zhao and Toby. It was why Hiram refused to cooperate with him.

A man who cherished a snake in his bosom was not worth having a longstanding partnership with.

"Where are we going now? Shouldn't we head back to H City?" inquired Rachel when she saw that the car was turning toward M City's downtown area rather than toward H City.

Hiram lifted his head and smiled at Rachel. He raised his hand and placed it on her cheek affectionately before he said,"you have destroyed my cooperation. Shouldn't I be searching for another partner now? I have two companies to consider today. Now that we're done with the first, we will go to the other."

Many large companies wanted to establish a business relationship with the Streams Company. So Hiram had several partners to choose from.

Rachel nodded in acknowledgment. No wonder he said that he would only return at night. His schedule was full.

"Now that you have come out, would you like to accompany me?" asked Hiram with a smile.

"Do I have a choice?" Rachel l

he wanted to say something.

"What did they say?" Hiram asked with a bewildered smile. He opened the door for Rachel and waited for her to slide into the car. Then he closed the door and walked to the other side and got into the car.

Rachel bit her lip to resist laughing.

"They also said that... they wanted to sleep with you," answered Rachel.

Ben, who was driving, couldn't help bursting into laughter as soon as he heard what Rachel had said.

Rachel was perhaps the only person who dared to speak to Hiram this way.

Ben knew that many women wanted to sleep with Hiram. But they could only fantasize about him. Before Hiram married Rachel, innumerable women deliberately came to the Streams Building hoping to meet Hiram.

Hiram's eyebrows shot up when he heard Rachel. A sly smile played on his lips as he asked,"So what did you say?"

"I... I just told them it was normal to admire a handsome man. I can't stop them from thinking. That is out of my control!" answered Rachel with a shrug. How could she monitor other people's thoughts?

Hiram knitted his brows, smiled, and pinched her cheek. "You really do not care?" asked Hiram.

Hearing his words, Rachel put her arms around Hiram's neck and whispered in his ear,"I do not give a fig what other women think. I only care that I'm the only woman you want to sleep with..."

Rachel giggled when she felt Hiram's arms pull her closer to him. When she looked at him, Rachel saw the mischievous smile dancing on his lips. Then Hiram slid closer to her and said,"How about you? Am I the only one you want to sleep with?"


Rachel blinked at him and wondered how to answer the question.

Hiram squeezed her waist and squinted as he asked,"You are hesitating. Tell me, who else do you want to sleep with?"

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