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   Chapter 328 How Dare You Touch Her

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Manager Wang's voice echoed through the floor. Rachel stopped in her tracks and turned around to look him in the eye. Her irritation kept rising with every second. "Isn't that just great?" she said, raising an eyebrow at him. "Since I'm an outsider, why don't you ask your boss for an order to thoroughly investigate? Shall we see what he thinks?" she added sarcastically.

Manager Wang might be a manager, but he had no right to come to her company and insult her. Who did he think he was?

She would like to have a word with his boss. Was he also a useless ruler who couldn't see the forest for the trees?

She steeled herself and continued forward. She had already come all the way here and there was absolutely no way she would let things slide.

"You! Stop! You can't go any further!"

His shouts had begun to sound more and more desperate. Rachel ignored him and was now stepping into the red conference zone. "That little…" Manager Wang shouted as he tried to catch up to her.

He could feel himself breaking into cold sweat. Even he was forbidden to enter there. He quickened his steps as he thought of possible consequences. His job was on the line. If she caused a commotion and disturbed the higher ups inside, he would definitely be in hot water.

Sure, he and Mr. Zhao were intimates, more than just colleagues, but he couldn't risk it. What if he really got fired?

Rachel continued walking forward. She meant business, and she wanted to have a word with the boss.

She could have let it go calmly if Manager Wang was polite and reasonable. But he deliberately provoked her, and if she just let things go as they were, it wasn't only her who would be affected. The reputation of her company and the people working with her would suffer as well.

She squared her shoulder and kept going. She would not keep still and take this insult without fighting back.

"Stop." A male employee wearing glasses blocked her way. "Do you work here? Only managers and executives are allowed in this area. Are you not aware of that?"

he continued, eyeing her from head to toe.

"Sorry, I didn't know. But I have to meet your boss now," she answered back, leveling her eyes with his.

"You can't be serious. Do you really think it's as easy as that? I'm afraid that's not the way things work, Miss," he said mockingly. "Show me your employee ID. I'd like to know which department has made a terrible job in training their employees," he sneered, raising his glasses and staring down at Rachel.

Rachel weighed her options in her head for a moment and considered telling him the truth, but before she could say anything, Manager Wang suddenly appeared beside her, grabbing her arm.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Qian!" he said, sounding frantic as he bowed his head. "I'm taking her away right now!" With that, he went to pull Rachel's arm and said, forcing his voice down to whisper. "That person you were talking to was the president's assistant. You have to leave, now! We can talk later. Just stop this. Don't make things any worse!"

Rachel felt her temper flaring. She looked at the hand that was holding her wrist, and stopped walking. "Let go of me," she demanded, pulling h

from this, he has also used the same means twice to take kickbacks. If the other party refused, he used underhanded methods to coerce them into submission. After that, he swept everything under the rug and walked away with the money. The other smaller companies usually gave in to his demands in order to settle things quickly," he continued.

"It is very likely that he was trying the same thing with RaR Company.

In situations such as this, most companies would prefer to settle the case out of court to avoid risking their reputation. Even if the rumors are false, they can cause a lot of damage to any company's credibility."

Ben finished, catching his breath, noticing the puzzled looks on everyone's faces, except Hiram. Ben had been working for Hiram for many years. Throughout that time, Ben had learned various tricks in the business. He was, in more ways than one, fully capable of accomplishing whatever was asked by him.

This time was not different. It didn't take a genius to find out what was going on. He already knew the answers, so the quickest way was to tell a story that would force Toby to confess. There wouldn't even be any need to investigate.

Hiram remained silent while Ben explained the details. When he was done, he looked at Rachel who was next to him and then glanced over at Mr. Zhao. He had turned as white as a sheet and his face was moist from sweat.

"Forget about the cooperation. I'll choose another company to work with," he said, his tone set with finality. He then said to Ben,"Good work. Let's go."

Hiram put his hand on Rachel's shoulder, and led her out the building. Behind them, Mr. Zhao was running after them.

"Mr. Rong! Mr. Rong!" Mr. Zhao was panic-stricken as he tried to match Hiram's pace. "Mr. Rong, please. Just give me a chance and I'll be able to sort this quickly. I will do anything you ask about this matter, but please reconsider about our partnership!" He stepped in front of Hiram.

"Toby! Get over here quickly. Apologize to Mrs. Rong! Kneel if you must." Mr. Zhao ordered. If only he could, then and there, he would have skinned the man alive.

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