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   Chapter 327 Teasing Her Was Worse Than Teasing Himself

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"Really?" Rachel's eyes grew wider than ever.

"Well, of course! As a child, I have always had excellent memory. I have given several foot massages before and I have never forgotten the acupuncture points because of that." Hiram ran his hands across Rachel's cute, surprised face, giving it a playful pinch as he finished talking.

"Well, I need to wash my feet again!" Rachel blurted out. She ran to the bathroom and had a foot bath before she returned to the living room. She then lay on the sofa.

Hiram rolled up his sleeves as he got ready. He then pulled out a stool and sat in front of his wife.

Rachel was excited and eager to have a try of her husband's foot massage. But when Hiram's slender and nimble fingers touched her feet, she felt a twitch in her body and couldn't help but blush. It was a very unusual feeling, especially as it came from the man that she married. She wanted to retract her feet, but Hiram quickly grabbed them and she was unable to move.

When Hiram's confident hands pressed the tip of her toes one by one, Rachel bit her lower lip. A strange sensation pulsed through her from each of her toes.

It was more like Hiram was trying to seduce her instead of giving her a foot massage. Each movement of his hands released a gush of pleasure that reached other parts of her body.

It felt like Hiram was pinching on her heart, and not just her feet.

"Hmm." Rachel let out a soft moan. Then hearing herself, she covered her mouth immediately. She could feel her ears get warm with embarrassment.

Hiram lifted his head to look at her. He blinked his deep eyes as he pressed harder on Rachel's toes. This time, Rachel let go and moaned again.

Hiram furrowed his eyebrows as he started to breathe heavily. He never thought that giving Rachel a foot massage would turn him on.

Rachel took the towel on the table beside her, put it in her mouth and bit it so as not to make too much noise. It was rare for Hiram to give her a massage. She didn't want to waste this precious opportunity and she would enjoy it till the end even if there was a bit of pain. After all, Hiram would seldom do such a thing to her.

Then, Rachel found out that even with a towel in her mouth, she was still making noises. It was true that she no longer moaned with her mouth, but now she was moaning with her nose. And it sounded sexier and more inviting.

Hiram looked at his crotch. It was starting to feel full and tight down there. Running his hands all over Rachel's feet gave him tingling sensations. Then he took a deep breath and climbed on top of Rachel. "You know what? I'm done. This is driving me crazy."

Hiram found that teasing her was worse than teasing himself.

Rachel teased back with her hands running from his waist through his torso and ending up around his neck. She let out a chuckle. Perhaps, because she was with this amazing man, Rachel felt like she was walking in the clouds. At the same time, she was itching.

"Shall we take this to the bedroom?"


a. He asked us to come here and look at the files they prepared for us. They want us to admit that it was our fault and pay him the compensation. Am I right, Manager Wang?"

"Eh." Manager Wang tidied up his suit. He sat on the chair and coughed. Guilt was obvious in his eyes. He was unable to refute what Rachel just said.

"You think that we're just a bunch of idiots dancing in the palm of your hand, don't you Manager Wang?"

Rachel sneered at him.

Rachel pointed out the truth in a straightforward way, embarrassing Manager Wang. His face turning red, he snorted. "What are you talking about? This is your fault, and you can see the sales volume too. It didn't meet our expectations. Instead, it dropped significantly. No one else is to be blamed for it but your company. Of course, you need to compensate us for the damages."

Rachel looked at the working area outside their room and said to Fiona,"Fiona, go and ask the staff there about the sales volume this month. Remember to bring the documents that were issued before this cooperation."

Hearing Rachel asked a team member to talk to the staff about the company performance, Manager Wang stood up in protest and pointed his fingers at Rachel. "What are you doing? Who do you think you are? What made you think you could engage my people at will?"

"You don't know? If Manager Wang wants us to pay the compensation, then we have every right to investigate and verify the situation. Your accusations are very serious and are not to be taken lightly. If there's anything that you don't understand, you can go back to the contract and check it again!" Rachel said firmly and continued assigning tasks to the rest of her team.

When they started working on their tasks, Rachel herself scanned the working area before she walked inside.

When she was about to go in, she heard Manager Wang yelling from behind. "Stop there and don't make another move! You can't walk in there. Our bosses are having a meeting. Come back here, right now!"

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