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   Chapter 326 At Your Command

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Rachel and Hiram exchanged a smile as Chad opened the door for her.

As soon as she was seated, Hiram handed her over a paper bag," I passed by the bakery earlier. I got you your favorite." he said softly.

Rachel took the paper bag and it was warm in her hands as if it was freshly baked right out of the oven.

She shoved a mouth of the bread before linking her arm around his. She leaned on his shoulder," Hiram, I'll be out tomorrow morning. I'll make sure to talk to you then. I should be back in the afternoon."

"Oh? Really? I'll also be out tomorrow and will be back in the evening. That makes us even. But I have to ask Carl to follow you." Hiram said in his soft voice.

Rachel looked up to him with a mouthful of bread," Of course, no problem. Carl can follow me. He can be my chauffeur."

Hiram took a bite from the bread Rachel was holding," Well, take care, okay? Call me if you need anything."

She smiled at his words as she wiped the crumbs off his mouth using her fingers," Of course, you're my stronghold. As long as you're around, I'm not afraid of anything."

But as much as possible, if she could do things on her own, she would.

"That's good to know." Hiram put an arm around her waist and leaned in close enough that the tip of his tongue was brushing against her earlobe.

Rachel shivered and a blush flushed on her cheeks especially that she saw Carl was peering at her.

Hiram gave her a sweet smile. Sometimes it was too much for him to handle how lovely Rachel was.

Back home;

Hiram, Fannie, Jonny, and Joyce along with Rachel all sat together to have family dinner - they were rarely complete.

While they were having dinner, a lot of the attention was put on only two of the siblings.

Jonny finished all of the rice in his small bowl while Joyce devoured all the rest.

"But sister, your share is on the table..." Jonny reminded her softly.

Joyce glanced at the rice on the table but she didn't care," It's not too much! Don't be such a fuss!"

But it was different this time," In the spring, we plant grains and in the autumn, we, in turn, harvest thousands of crops. All land was fruitful but still the farmers were hungry, some even starved to death. So, sister, we must value food. We must be grateful for it." Jonny tol

not a scream, not a whimper. Instead, he was quietly reading a book. When he saw her come in, he closed it," You didn't press your feet?"

Rachel sat beside and peaked at the book in his hand before answering," No, I don't like pain, remember."

The masseur laughed," Madame, the more pressure, the better. That's because your main and collateral channels are blocked which will lead to poor circulation in your body. That's where the pain comes from. But as long as the pressure is just enough, the body will slowly get used to it."

Rachel listened intently and watched Hiram enjoy his massage. The masseur really seemed like he was really good at his job.

"Well, I can try after Hiram, if you still have time?"

Hiram looked over to Rachel.

Rachel got confused at his look. 'Why is Hiram so surprised? The two female masseurs downstairs are both helping my mom. That's why I asked this male one to massage my feet. Is there anything wrong with it?' she thought to herself.

"Your work is done today." Hiram put his book down as he said this.

The masseur stood up, nodded, packed up his things, and left.

Hiram glared at Rachel when the masseur left," You think I'm gonna let another man touch your feet?"

Rachel paused before offering," Well, will you do it? Press my feet for me?" She winked.

What could she do? The man was over-possessive. Would she have to go to the salon and specifically ask for a woman to do her hair?

Hiram looked at her lovingly," Yes, I'll massage your feet for you."

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