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   Chapter 325 Revelations With Rachel

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Rachel pushed the door to the reception room open and stepped in.

The first thing Rachel saw in the room was a balding old man who looked around 40 years old or so. He was sitting with his legs crossed.

"Good day! I'm the point person for RaR company. Should you have any questions, you may direct them to me." Rachel took a few steps forward to the man's direction.

When the man saw Rachel, he put his tea cup down and asked her," Are you the point person for the RaR company?"

The man politely asked. He had initially thought that the point person would be a man, but he was met with a surprise today to find out that it was actually a lovely, young woman.

"Yes, I am. How may I help you?" Rachel said with a smile.

The customers were priority here no matter what they did. They were taught to deal with customers nicely and peacefully.

"How you may help me? Well, our company spent a lot of money to hire your company for your program on sales. But your program was garbage. Our company took a two-million-dollar loss since we hired your company a month ago. Now you tell me what my problem is. And how about you tell me too how you can help me?"

The man's voice grew louder and louder. By the time, he finished talking he had already slapped the table with his hand multiple times.

Rachel wrinkled her eyebrows and pulled out a chair for her to sit on," Please calm down, Sir. Maybe there was an error in implementing the program. Sir, not only do we provide the sales plan but the instructions on operations as well. It's a step-by-step manual on how the program can be executed by any staff of any company including yours, Sir. Have you reviewed this, Sir?"

"What are you trying to say? Are you telling me that it's my company's fault? You have no right to blame us. I think it's your second-rate sales program that caused our loss!" The man barely let Rachel finish before he disrupted her rudely, raising his voice.

Rachel sighed but she kept herself together," Sir, if you would please calm down. What I'm trying to say is that while we will also check our plan and materials to look for errors and try to navigate where we went wrong. I hope you will also do your part by reexamining h

s background," Based on these files, the company isn't small. How dare they blame us just because one man's sales couldn't reach their quota. They seem like a big company, they have the resources!" she observed.

The man obviously only said that they were verging on bankruptcy just to make a point - but they were definitely far from it.

There was no way that such a big company would go bankrupt after taking a two-million-dollar loss.

"That's true. That's too big of a company, even in the neighboring city they would be considered a big company. Are we going there tomorrow? Celine was worried.

"Well, we have to. Our reputation's at stake. We really have to go there tomorrow." Rachel said lightly.

Celine nodded in agreement," You're right. In cases like this, we really have to look into it. We either take responsibility or we investigate properly. We can't make a concession or word might get out that they can bully us into it.

I'll inform the team now. We'll go early in the morning tomorrow." Celine stood up as she said this.

"All right, good. Thanks."

Rachel said as she put away the files and headed back to her office.

When she got off work, she decided to take the documents home so she could study them further.

As Rachel was leaving, she saw a very familiar black Maybach - it was parked at the entrance of the building.

The car window rolled down and Hiram came into view. A smile was pasted on his face," Honey, get in the car."

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