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   Chapter 324 Don't Say ‘Thank You’ To Me

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As the medical reports would take a few days, Rachel decided to take Fannie to Tulip Palace with her.

Fannie had been reluctant to come to Tulip Palace. However, the thought of spending extra time with Jonny and Joyce changed her mind. She no longer insisted on leaving. Instead, she stayed and played with them excitedly.

After returning, Rachel went to her bedroom and called Hiram.

"Honey, I saw Lydia accompany your dad to the hospital today. Because my mom was there as well, I didn't talk to him. I think you should call your dad to ask what's wrong with him," she said. Gavin and Fannie had a problematic relationship. Rachel hadn't asked about Gavin's physical condition at the hospital as Fannie was with her.

But since Gavin was Hiram's father, it was their responsibility to care for his health.

"Got it. I'll ask dad's attending physician about it later today," Hiram said. After a short pulse, he asked,"Did you bring your mom to Tulip Palace?"

"Yes. I accompanied mom to the hospital for her physical examination today. Unfortunately, the results will take a few days. So I asked her to stay with us. That way if she feels unwell, I can take her to the hospital for further examination," Rachel explained as she sat on the bed. She remembered that she had bought a necklace for Fannie. Rachel decided to search for it in the cabinet while she spoke with Hiram.

She got up from the bed and ambled toward the cabinet as she waited for Hiram to reply. Then she opened the cabinet and rummaged through it.

"I've called Hardy and asked him to separate the blood samples and to test for as many indexes as he possibly can. He will inform us when the results are ready," Hiram spoke in a low voice. After a short moment, he continued,"I've made an appointment with a massage therapist for mom. This therapist has experience with elderly people who suffer from backaches."

"Great! Thank you, honey!" Rachel said with the necklace box in her hand. His thoughtfulness moved her.

People of Fannie's age were prone to backaches and other physical ailments. It was mindful of Hiram to consider all these factors and arrange for help.

Hiram smiled and said,"Don't say 'Thank you' to me. You're my wife and the only daughter of y

called her suddenly.

"Rachel, please come to the company as soon as possible! Something has happened!" Celine said anxiously.

"What's wrong?" Rachel asked as she put down the clothes she was tiding up.

"We provided a proposal to a customer recently. I don't know what's wrong with the proposal. But the customer came to our office and said that he had suffered great losses because of the proposal. It's chaotic here, and I don't know what to do."

As Rachel mulled over what Celine had said, she heard the customer screaming. It seemed as though the situation was out of control.

"He demands to meet you and won't discuss the problem with us. I'm sorry, but I had no other choice but to call you," Celine continued.

"Okay. I'm leaving right now. Please tell the customer that I'll be there soon. Ask him to calm down." Then Rachel hung up. She took out a coat from the cabinet and walked out of the house.

After reaching RaR Company, Rachel was shocked by what she saw. She frowned when she noticed the mess on the ground. Had the customer been upset enough to smash things in the office?

"Hi, Rachel!"

Celine greeted Rachel as she strode over to her. She pulled Rachel aside and whispered,"This is a new customer. He has come from a neighboring city. He was satisfied with our proposal when we provided it to him last month. I don't know what went wrong. He's ascribing his losses on us. You should be careful."

"Got it." Rachel answered before walking toward the reception.

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