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   Chapter 323 Unfair God

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"Rachel, please don't be scared! If there is anyone that I won't hurt in this world, it's you!" Patrick explained as he saw the terror in Rachel's eyes. Her fear was etched on every corner of her beautiful face and it made him dropped his hands from her shoulders.

As a reaction, Rachel's feet automatically made several steps away from him. She took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself down before saying,"Mr. Yan, it's something within your family and I have no right to judge it. Let me go, please."

The immeasurable indifference on her tone made Patrick stride towards her. "You are the only person who has the right to judge me. Don't forget that I owe my life to you. I don't care about how others see me, but I do care about what you think of me, Rachel!"

Patrick's voice echoed in the place as Rachel continued stepping back. 'Damn it! What's taking Carl this long?' she thought.

"Stop talking like that! Yes, I don't understand why you did this to your elder brother. Nonetheless, I'm not in your shoes and I would never experience what you have been through. I will never be in the position to tell you if what you did was right or wrong even if I helped you before, simply because I'm not you," said Rachel cautiously as she tried not to provoke him more.

Who wouldn't be terrified of someone who killed his own brother? Definitely not her. Just the mere sight of Patrick was giving her the level of creeps right now that no word in the dictionary could even describe.

Patrick gazed at Rachel for a long moment as if he was thinking. It was a few seconds more before a bitter smile cracked his lips and he looked up to the dull sky.

"God, why are you so unfair to me? Why was I born into a rich family? Why did you give me a brother who hated me and had wanted to kill me since my childhood? Why did you let the only woman I ever wanted to get married to someone else?

Ha, Ha!

Yes! Fine! It's me who caused Preston to die slowly and all the people I know were blaming me for this. But where were you God when I was running away from him? Where were you? Why didn't you nor anyone stand forward to defend me?"

Patrick roared his pain to heaven with his hands clenched tightly. Why would a gracious God like how the bible taught be so unfair to him? Whoever was in that heaven was nothing but an unfair God.

"Rachel!" It was when Carl's voice took their attention as he came in running.

He could have made it straight to Rachel, but Patrick's men blocked him and stopped his steps.

Seeing what happened, Rachel shook her head to gesture Carl to stop fighting back.

She understood that they'd better not provoke Patrick now.

"Mr. Yan, since you've chosen your own road, I think you have to move

up too?"

Surprisingly, it was Gavin and Lydia that they met as two doctors accompanied them.

Seeing who were standing in front of him, Gavin coughed and said,"Yes, why are you here, Carl?"

"I'm here with Rachel and Fannie, Uncle Gavin." The young man replied gently.

It was when Rachel stepped forward immediately and asked,"Dad, what's the matter? Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

"Of course! We're in a hospital now, right? I don't think we'll be here if we are feeling fabulous!" Lydia said sarcastically. She was holding Gavin's arms while smiling fakely to them.

"I agree, Lydia! Now, please do me a favor and assist our dad with his checkup. This is the perfect chance for you to show your filial piety to Mom and Dad since you've been abroad for a long while." Rachel said politely. She chose to smile to everyone before walking ahead of Fannie. She couldn't let herself get pissed off by what her sister-in-law said, right?

She made a little pause upon walking passed Gavin and gave her father-in-law a respectful nod. "Please take care, Dad. I will take the kids to visit you and Mom later!"

Then she continued walking with Fannie, who remained behind her back.

Fannie and Rachel were already out of sight when Lydia turned to her father and said with a low voice,"Look, Dad! See how your beloved daughter-in-law is somebody else's daughter? All her attention is on her mother! She didn't even bother to ask you about what you are doing here."

Gavin's face turned pale upon hearing what his daughter said. He walked forward with a frown and sighed,"Stop bringing it up! I can feel my blood pressure getting higher just by seeing them!"

What her father said made Lydia wanted to laugh. Nonetheless, she swallowed her ill-sounding giggles and continued to assist her Dad without any more word.

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