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   Chapter 322 Cold-blooded

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The blurred image of a man's corpse on TV made Rachel feel uneasy. It was found in the water, and was already bloated from prolonged exposure. She fumbled for the remote control and pressed the 'off' button, letting out a sigh.

"Mrs. Rong, your phone is ringing." Emma handed her the phone. She had left it earlier at the kitchen counter.

"Thank you," Rachel replied. As she took it, she saw that the screen was flashing her mom's name.

"Hello, Mom. Are you are at the H City now?" she asked. "Okay. You can go straight to the hospital. I can head out now to meet you there."

Fannie was at H City to have a check-up. She had several friends with her. "We will all go back together later," she told Rachel. Recently, Rachel did not have a lot of time to meet her, so she wanted to take this chance and see her mom. With quick steps, she called for Emma.

"Emma, mom is in the city now. I'll be going out to meet her. Take care of the kids for me, will you?" she said.

"Of course, Mrs. Rong. Don't worry about them and go meet her. Send her my best regards!" Emma smiled. Since she left Fannie's home, she had been there helping Rachel look after her kids. They already felt like family to her.

Rachel grabbed her purse and walked to the door. "Alright, thanks a lot! I'll be going now," said Rachel.

Carl was already waiting for her. When he heard that Rachel was going out, he immediately got the car ready and parked it in front of the house.

"Rachel, where are we going now? Hiram's company?" he asked her as she approached. He held the door open for her.

"Did something happen? Why do you need to go there?" Rachel smiled at him as she got inside.

After closing the door, he went to the driver's seat and said," If we're going to the company, I'll go and see Chad too. I have something to settle with him. Last time he hurt Hiram. I'd like to pay him a visit. After everything he did, I think I owe him a knuckle sandwich." Carl cracked the bones of his hands.

Rachel burst into laughter after hearing what he said. "Calm down, Carl. Go to the H City Hospital please," she said.

Carl looked confused, but said simply," Okay." He started the car with a shrug of his shoulders and drove to the direction of the hospital.

It didn't take too long to arrive. Rachel got down first and told Carl to park the car. She went to the place where Fannie's appointment was. Her steps were light as she walked along the corridors of the hospital.

When she reached the place, she called her mom on the phone. "Hello Mom. I'm here. Have you arrived yet?" she asked. She looked around, but there was no sign of her mom anywhere.

"No darling, I haven't arrived yet. The traffic is unbelievable, so it might take me more than ten minutes to get there," Fannie answered, looking over with worry at the cars in the road.

"Okay, mom. No problem. I'll wait for you here. You don't have to rush," Rachel said. "Be careful on the road," she reminded. She hung up and texted Carl to come to her after parking the car.

Rachel stood near a window and waited. She absently stared out a window. Several minutes came by with nothing much going on. Then, her attent

cheek. 'The slaps must have burned', she thought, recalling the sharp sound of his father's hand. She sighed. "I was waiting for someone here and heard your conversation by accident. This is a hospital, so there will always be people around. It's not uncommon to overhear other people's conversations."

There wouldn't be anyone who would want to stand in front of a morgue. The place was too close to death and the haunting images of corpses.

Besides, she only went there out of curiosity. It did not even occur to her that Patrick would be there.

"Do you believe him?" Patrick asked, looking fixedly at Rachel with his dark brown eyes.

Rachel was taken aback. She did not know how to respond to his question. She paused for a moment and said," Maybe."

"I know that your brother was bent on getting rid of you. I have seen what he was capable of doing. But there are other ways of getting even." She hesitated before asking," Did you… really have to kill him?"

At her words, Patrick suddenly stepped forward, his eyes becoming bloodshot.

He walked up to her and grabbed her shoulders with his hands. "You don't have the slightest idea! You will never understand the feeling of being consumed with fear day and night. If I let him go, I would never be free. I would have to live my life cowering from his shadow, thinking about what he's going to do next, and if I'd live to see the next day." He was shaking as he blurted out the words. "As long as he existed, even my very breath had to be a fight." Patrick paused, his shoulders heaving.

"I had so many chances… so many times I could have killed him, but I didn't. I didn't do it because he was my brother and we shared the same blood. I still thought of him as part of my family."

"But it was all for nothing," he said, his voice becoming colder. "He severed our ties the day he sent his men to kill me."

Rachel felt ice-cold terror build up from her stomach as she heard every word Patrick said. Her knees buckled under her as she looked at him. Something was wrong. She struggled to free herself from his grasp and cried out," Let go of me!"

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