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   Chapter 321 You Shouldn't Have Suspected me

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At a Chinese restaurant, Rachel glanced over the people sitting at the tables. Although she thought Western and Japanese cuisines were tasty, Chinese was still her favorite. She smiled at the thought of eating some of her favorite dishes here.

"Hey, Hiram, look! Is that Hearst sitting over there?" She peered at the man sitting in an obscure corner as she spoke.

Hearst was similar in appearance to Hiram, so even though he was sitting in a dimly-lit part of the restaurant, she could recognize him at a glance.

Rachel was about to walk over to say hello, but Hiram grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"What's the matter? Now that we have run into him, we should be polite and say hello." Rachel asked in confusion. She stopped when she noticed Hiram's expression. Still confused, Rachel turned and looked in Hearst's direction again.

Her eyebrows furrowed when she noticed that a woman was sitting opposite Hearst. Rachel tilted her head as she studied this woman. It wasn't his wife, Gina.

"Don't go over. Just ignore him. He will be embarrassed if he sees us." Hiram said, still holding Rachel's hand. Together, they followed the waitress as she showed them to the table Hiram had reserved.

At that moment, Hearst happened to glance in their direction. When he saw Hiram and Rachel, he quickly covered his face with his hands!

But, he put his hands down a second later. Since he had already been spotted, Hearst figured there was no pointing in hiding. Hearst leaned forward and whispered something to the woman sitting across him before standing up.

"...... Hiram, Rachel. What a coincidence!" Hearst said as he walked over.

Rachel glimpsed at him before shaking her head in disapproval. She and Gina had a good relationship. Now that she had seen Hearst spending time with another woman, Rachel was reluctant to talk to him.

"Rachel, come on! Don't treat me like that." Hearst said with an uneasy smile when he saw that Rachel didn't want to look at him. He pulled up a chair and sat down. "We just came here to have lunch. Nothing is happening between us. Don't assume the worst about me."

Hiram and Rachel exchanged looks. Then, Rachel smiled coldly and said,"you knew that I would doubt your explanation? Your son is less than a year old. You know that Gina has a quick temper. If she finds out that you're having lunch with other women, I'm sure th

om, come over here! I built a tall building. Is it beautiful?" Joyce shouted at Rachel as she pointed at her creation proudly.

Rachel headed toward her daughter. She placed the fruit tray in her hand on the table before grabbing the remote control and turning on the TV,"Joyce, did you build that yourself? It's perfect!"

Rachel said with a smile. Then she looked at Jonny who was playing with colored mud. He seemed to be making a big castle with a mold.

"Jonny, your castle is perfect too!" Rachel exclaimed as she walked toward Jonny. She squatted down and praised him.

Jonny, who had been sitting on the ground, raised his head. He blinked his big, dark eyes and said to Rachel,"Mom, the castle is for you! I will build a super, super huge castle for you when I grow up. Only you can live in it. You're the queen there."

"Thank you! Mommy's so proud of you!" Rachel laughed and kissed Jonny on his cheek.

Joyce ambled over and asked,"Jonny, can I live in the castle too?"

Jonny nodded,"Mom is the queen, and you're the princess. And I will be the prince who will protect you both!"

"What about Dad?" Joyce asked with a pout.

"Dad is the king. Dad can protect us now, but when dad is old, I'll protect him."

Jonny said with a serious look on his small face.

Rachel looked at her children with adoration. Her face beamed with happiness. At this moment, she heard a news report on the TV.

"At six o'clock this morning, a male body was found in the river. The police have launched an investigation. It is said that the victim was not a native of H City."

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