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   Chapter 320 Who Injured You

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Hiram turned off the locating software on his phone and walked towards Rachel.

Rachel ran to him immediately, smiling. "What brings you here today, honey?" she asked.

With the trace of a smile appearing at the corner of his mouth, Hiram stretched out his arms to hold her and asked instead of replying,"Why are you in the men's section? Let me guess! You are buying me clothes! You must be feeling guilty that you've never bought me any."

"No, I don't feel guilty at all. All your clothes are tailored and I never had a chance to... Hold on! What happened to your face?" she asked with knotted brows when she noticed the bruise on his face, completely ignoring what they were talking about.

Hiram knew that she would notice it and a speck of nervousness appeared in his eyes. But the next second, he said with a smile,"Chad and I tried to practice some boxing on a whim this morning and he punched me by accident. But relax, it's no big deal."

"Boxing on a whim? With Chad?" Rachel asked. She couldn't entirely believe him.

She frowned and wondered why men were so wild about fighting, and did Hiram think he was the same age as their little Jonny?

Hiram smiled at her serious expression and walked inside holding her shoulders, saying,"I'm fine! Show me what you've got for me. I was thinking of changing my suit anyway, because Chad has soiled it."

Since he had brazenly put the blame on Chad, Hiram decided to throw everything that he couldn't explain on him.

Looking at the bruise on his face, Rachel wondered just how much strength Chad had used to punch Hiram and she would not forget this anytime soon. She knew that Chad was good at kung-fu, but she was not going to allow him to hurt Hiram.

"Please bring the suit which I had picked earlier. My husband is here and he wants to try it on," she said to the shop employee, who was standing still beside her.

The employee pulled herself out of the daze and hurried to hand over the suit to Rachel.

A moment later, Hiram walked out of the fitting room with the new suit on, and it looked like the suit was made for him.

Rachel looked at him and nodded contently. Celine came over and gasped in admiration,"Wow! It's a pity that Philip isn't tall enough, and I believe it'll be a disaster if he puts that on him."

Hiram looked at himself in the mirror. He turned to Rachel, who was walking towards him, and said,"Good choice, honey! I'll take it, and I'll wear it to dinner with you tonight."

He searched for his old coat, in which he had

ad initially planned to take her to dinner directly, but she insisted that they went to the hospital first. The doctor dressed his bruise and gave him an ice pack to compress the swelling. After that, they headed for dinner.

"Hiram, tell me the truth please. Did Chad really do this to you?" Rachel asked as she pressed the ice to his chin. She felt awful seeing such a horrible bruise on his good-looking face.

Circling his hand around her waist, Hiram chuckled bitterly,"What? You don't believe in Chad's ability? You thought I was stronger than him, right?"

"No, I didn't say that. But both of you should be careful if you are going to box again! Take care not to hurt each other. Oh, I almost forgot to ask. What about Chad? Was he injured too?" Rachel suddenly remembered. Since Hiram was bruised, Chad must be injured worse than him.

Hiram coughed once and said,"Honey, can we just let it go? I'm hungry and I don't want to talk about it anymore. Let's have dinner."

Carl pulled the car over in front of the restaurant and Rachel got off after Hiram.

"Carl, why don't you come too? Please have dinner with us," Rachel said when she saw that Carl was still in the car. He had taken his phone out and was looking at it.

Every time Carl or Chad drove them to dinner, Hiram would ask for another table for them.

"Okay, I'll be there in a minute," Carl said. He wanted to call Chad and ask him what was going on. Rachel had believed what Hiram had said, but he didn't.

Hiram and Chad must have been up to something behind Rachel's back. He knew Chad well and there was no way that Chad could touch a hair on Hiram's head, not even if there were three of him.

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