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   Chapter 319 A Kind Gesture

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"Hiram, how is your face?" asked Chad, glancing worriedly at Hiram who was lying down across the backseat trying to recover.

Marcia enjoyed boxing and frequently got in fights with people. She threw a couple good, hard punches at Hiram. One hit his upper cheek pretty hard and now it was bruising.

Hiram opened his eyes, rubbed his left cheek gently and said,"Yes. I'll ice it later when I get home."

He couldn't remember the last time he had gotten into a fight. But he still could quickly fight back and finally defeat Marcia after finding her weak point.

A while later, Hiram's phone rang. It was Rachel. He cleared his throat and answered her call.

"My dear husband, where are you now? I stopped by your office and you weren't there," asked Rachel. She was free today, so Celine asked her to go shopping. When they were passing by Hiram's company, Rachel stopped and walked into the company to visit him.

Noticing that the car had been driven to H City, Hiram said,"I'll arrive at the company in twenty minutes. Wait for me for a while."

"Okay, I'll go shopping at the department store nearby with Celine. Call me when you get here. Or you can meet me at the mall. Then we can have lunch," Rachel said. They had not had lunch together in months because of how busy Hiram has been at work.

"Okay, that sounds nice," Hiram said.

After he hung up the phone, Hiram used the camera on his cellphone to check out how his face looked. He was disappointed in how swollen it was. 'How to explain the bruise on my face to her?' he thought, furrowing his eyebrows.

He knew if she didn't see his face at lunch, she'd just see it at home, so no point in prolonging the inevitable.

"Hiram, look!" Chad shouted suddenly as he was turning a corner. He recognized someone.

Hearing Chad's words, Hiram looked outside the window immediately. The man he recognized was running and a group of men were chasing him.

"That man... It seems that he is Patrick's brother? He looks oddly familiar. Why is he here in H City?" said Chad. The Yan family lives in Salt Sea City, so it was a rare occurrence for Patrick's brother to be here.

'It seems that Patrick has already started to get revenge on Preston, ' he thought. Preston had almost killed Patrick, so now it was Patrick's turn.

"Call Kun and ask him to arrange some of our men who are nearby. Make the second t

standing behind the counter.

"Madame, are you sure you that want the same size as the mannequin? If you're not sure about the size, you should probably double check.

Because the suit you want is in the newest style which we just launched, we only have one suit in each size. If the size you want isn't right, I'm worried that we might not have the size you want when you return to exchange the suit," the shop assistant explained.

Rachel measured the clothes again and said,"I think the size is right."

She had a mental image of Hiram's figure. Hiram's figure was also perfect like the model's.

The shop assistant looked Rachel with doubt. "Well, it's 36, 000 dollars. I'll pack it for you after you pay."

"Wow that's expensive..." Rachel blurted out. She hadn't bought Hiram clothes before, and she seldom bought herself clothes at that price.

"Madame, we only sell famous international name-brand clothes in our store. If you want to buy cheaper clothes, you can go downstairs to the second floor. The most expensive suit there costs at most several thousand dollars." The shop assistant looked at what Rachel was wearing. Although the quality and style of her clothes were high, she knew it wasn't as high-end as her store.

"No. Pack this suit for me," said Rachel. "I'll buy it." As she spoke, she took out her credit card from her wallet. Just then Celine shouted,"Rachel, Hiram is here!"

Hearing Celine's shout, Rachel looked into the direction of the elevator.

There he was walking towards her. He was like a perfect sculpture handmade by God himself.

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