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   Chapter 318 Competition In The Boxing Ring

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"Hiram!" Chad called him nervously. He didn't think that Hiram would have agreed to Marcia's deal.

He knew that Hiram was capable, but that woman seemed very skillful. What if she hurt Hiram?

The previous man who was in the ring with her might have to be wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life, even if he actually managed to recover from his injury.

"Great! If you win, I'll promise you anything you want, even if it means killing someone for you,"

Marcia said, banging the table with her fists.

"Alright then, it's a deal." With that, Hiram stood up and took off his suit. He threw it to Chad, who was still perplexed by the unexpected turn of events.

He unfastened the top two buttons of his shirt and put all his belongs from his trouser pockets onto the table.


Chad frowned. He was worried for Hiram as he saw him walking to the boxing ring without wearing any protective gear, except the gloves.

Marcia too wore just the pair of gloves. She stretched her body once and hit one of her gloves with the other, looking at Hiram excitedly.

When she was seventeen, she had had a fight with Hiram and ended up being defeated by him. Considering that she was young, Hiram had let her go instead of calling the police.

Otherwise, she would have ended up in prison for at least three or five years.

She'd never forgotten that she owed him a favor.

At first, she had planned to accept whatever he had come to see her for. But after seeing him in person, she had the impulse to fight him in the boxing ring.

Hiram looked at Marcia and quickly blocked the heavy blow she suddenly threw at him. With his fist against hers, he pushed her backwards.

"Well done! You're as swift as you were ten years ago. Looks like you never stopped practicing," Marcia said, looking at Hiram with appreciation in her eyes.

"You too. You're even more skillful than you were before, and yo

ute. He just left."

"What did he come to see you for?" Patrick asked, frowning at her.

He hadn't expected Hiram to visit Marcia so quickly because he didn't think that the Rong family could have any deep relationship with the gang.

"That's none of your business, Patrick. I know you're working for my dad, but that doesn't mean you have any authority over me or our family. How dare you break into my place and question me?"

Marcia sat up and banged the table.

"I won't meddle in other people's affairs. But since we both work for the Mo family, I hope we can cooperate. It would be great if you could help me play against the Rong family," Patrick said. He looked at Marcia, showing no sign of backing down.

"Oh? I can help you if you agree with my terms," Marcia said, crossing her legs. She looked at Patrick with a smile and continued,"Would you like to be my lover?

You're my type. And if you make me comfortable, I'll grant your request."

Patrick snorted and said,"I haven't fallen down that low so as to get help by providing sexual services. James, let's go!"

Marcia snorted when she saw him leaving. Toying with a dagger in her hand, she thought, 'You're just an outsider. Show me what you can really do if you want

a place in our family.'

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