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   Chapter 316 Dance To The Music

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"It's a secret."

Patrick tapped Rachel's cheek playfully and then responded with an attractive smile on his face.

"This is my lovable gift for you. You may even throw it away. It really does not matter," Patrick said in a soothing voice. He took out a beautiful piece of jewelry from his pocket. It was a plum blossom-shaped elegant pendant made in platinum with artistic workmanship.

Rachel was astonished and asked Patrick," Are you having so much money that you really don't know what to do with it? Why you prefer to present this to me in spite of knowing I would throw it away?" Rachel got rid of his hand and refused the necklace by pushing it away.

Patrick remained calm seeing this gesture of hers as he anticipated this before. He simply smiled, opened the buckle of the necklace, bent down and handed over the necklace to her saying," I will feel delighted if you wear this even once."

"What are you trying to do?" she asked. Rachel quickly drifted backwards as she guessed what Patrick was trying to do and she was not okay with that.

'Oh My Goodness!' Rachel felt so surprised.

She could witness Patrick walking towards her and felt more reluctant now. Patrick warned her," Better don't move. Else I will not let you off today."

Rachel was scared to step backward now, after hearing such words from him.

Patrick carefully lifted her hair, put the necklace around her neck and said in great excitement," This necklace looks too good just because you're wearing it. It would be much better if you smile."

Rachel stared at him in anger as he had worn the necklace on her.

"I'll leave now, and you should leave here at once. We will be caught if we continue to stay here!" urged Rachel. Patrick's eyes were glued to the necklace, hanging around her neck. He instantly extended his hands to raise the collar height of Rachel's shirt, so that no one could notice the necklace.

Rachel didn't understand what he was doing now. She quickly covered her collar with her hands, casting a stern glance at him. After that, she turned around, opened the door and left the room.

Patrick smelled his hands, which he used to touch Rachel. He was attracted to the smell and wished the smell would stay longer. When Rachel left, he just fixed his eyes on her back view with a smile on his face.

However, it didn't take much time for Rachel to come back to her company.

As soon as she entered the office premises, she wanted to trash the necklace into the bin. However, she refrained from doin

play the piano now." Gavin added," Hiram, the piano has not been used for a long time. Now that it's Lydia's birthday today, please play it for us. All right?"

"Brother..." Lydia playfully pulled Hiram's shirt and looked at him humorously, that reminded the way she used to do when she was a cute little girl.

Hiram now had no other choice but to fulfil the burning desire of his lovable sister. Therefore, he walked to the piano which was not stained by a particle of dust.

It was really such a long time since he played the piano and now he felt convicted that he had never played piano even once for Rachel.

That woman might have not known that he could play the piano.

Lydia said in an appealing voice," Brother, this is your favorite collection of tunes. I have treasured it for many years. You can choose any one of them and play it for me before you go." She hastily opened the collection of tunes without a second of stalling and put it on the stand.

Followed by that, she embraced herself in the dance attire and got ready to dance.

As Hiram's fingers tossed the black and white keyboard, the spacious living room was drenched in mellifluous music.

Then she begun to dance like a beautiful angel, completely lost in her world of fantasy that was infectious with mind-blowing music.

Both Joanna and Gavin were delighted to see their adorable daughter laugh and dance which reminded them about good old memories.

It was such a magnificent scene to see them both sing and dance together, lost in the world of music.

Joanna and Gavin felt pensive when the amazing music paused all of a sudden. An unexpected silence prevailed in the large room.

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