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   Chapter 315 I Can Throw Away My Pride In Front of You

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'First meeting anniversary, '

the reminder on the phone displayed.

They first met on this day.

Hiram looked at Rachel, and a rush of memories flowed through him. She was sitting across him, with her attention fixated on a slice of cake. The light streamed from the outside and enveloped her in a warm light. 'Things are better now, ' he felt his chest constrict at the sight of her. Gone was the woman who was always displeased with whatever the Rong family did. The person that took her place was someone much happier. Rachel had become a supportive wife and a dedicated mother to their children.

Hiram remembered everything as if they happened only yesterday. He continued to gaze at her, noticing the frosting on her cheek. He chuckled, contented with her satisfaction with the cake.

Rachel noticed her husband looking at her, and her lips instantly curled into a smile. "What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?" She looked at the slice which she had almost finished and said,"It doesn't look beautiful, but it tastes good, you know? You should try it." Her eyes lit up.

Hiram looked at the dog-shaped wolf with amusement, and then grabbed his fork to have a bite.

He savored every mouthful. In normal occasions, he was not one for sweets, but Rachel made the cake especially for him, and there was no way he was going to leave anything. He reached across the table for her hand. "It's sweet," he said, smiling into her eyes.

After a while, the phone rang. "Rachel, how was your meeting with Miss Su?" Celine said, sounding worried. Rachel didn't go to the office that morning and Celine wanted to check up on her.

Having finished eating the cake, Rachel was at the kitchen cleaning the dishes. She grabbed a towel to wipe her hands and then put her phone between her ear and shoulder before saying,"It was fine. I'll send the contract to you tomorrow afternoon."

"Did she cause any trouble? She didn't ask for anything unreasonable, did she?" Celine asked, blurting out the words fast.

Celine's questions brought back the yesterday's encounter with Serlina to Rachel's mind. There were some things that she regretted agreeing to do. "I'll tell you about it when I go to the company tomorrow," she replied.

"Alright. That would be better. I also have something to tell you. I'll see you tomorrow then," Celine said.

"Okay. See you tomorrow," Rachel replied, hanging up.

After the conversation, Rachel looked around the living room. Hiram was not there, but the book he was reading lay opened on the table.

She went upstairs to see if he was in the study. The door was open. She was about to enter the room when she heard that Hiram was talking to someone on the phone.

Turning back, she was about to leave as she did not want to disturb her husband in the middle of a call, but she stopped when she overheard the conversation.

"I'm not free tomorrow. You can celebrate her birthday without m

ear. "Who are you?" she demanded. She felt the grip on her arm loosen and shook herself free. She turned around quickly, and saw no one other than Patrick.

"Patrick?" Her eyes widened in utter surprise. "How dare you. What the hell are you doing here?!" Rachel's voice rose.

Patrick acted quickly, and raised his hand to cover her mouth. Then, he dragged her into the emergency exit, pushing her towards the corner and closing the door. "I can throw away my pride in front of you," he said, not letting go of her.

"This is the only way I can go near you. Your husband has made things difficult as he hired watchdogs to follow you around."

Rachel freed herself from his grip. "Then, don't come to see me. Is there anything forcing you to keep following me?" she said, feeling both anger and fear towards this man.

"You are always in my mind. Not seeing you tortures me day and night." Patrick spoke with desperation. He moved closer to look into Rachel's eyes. She shuddered and looked away from him.


"Rachel, listen to me. I am sorry for what happened last time. I promise I won't do anything like that again. Even if you don't forgive me, I want to apologize for what I did,"

Patrick said, lifting his hand to touch Rachel's cheek.

Rachel flinched at the movement and raised both of her hands to stop him. However, Patrick seemed to have foreseen her response. He grabbed her both hands with one hand and touched her cheek with the other. Rachel felt her stomach turn cold as his hand cupped her face, forcing her to look at him as he said,"Rachel, I know you hate me, and I know what you think of me, an ungrateful bastard who doesn't know how to pay back his debts."

He paused before continuing. "I also know that you will hate me even more for what I am going to do next," he said, his gaze darkening. "I'm sorry. But I have to do it."

Upon hearing his words, Rachel's eyes widened. "What do you mean?" she asked in alarm.

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