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   Chapter 314 Desire Becomes Stronger And Stronger

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Hesitant, she pouted and stepped back. Then after lifting her hand to turn off the light, she loosened her bathrobe immediately and threw herself all over him with uncontrollable passion!

"Honey, how come your desire becomes stronger and stronger..."

"Oh... Does it?"

"It doesn't? Then what are you doing here at this time?"


It was already dawn.

Rachel slightly nudged the man, who was lying next to her, and asked in a velvety soft voice,"You don't have to work today?"

He glanced at her with lazy, sleepy eyes and replied,"I overworked till midnight last night. Today I'd better take some proper rest."

His answer immediately made Rachel blush. Worried that Hiram was still angry, last night she struck while the iron was still hot. Her hope was that sex would solve the problem. It had worked. Now, thank God, it seemed that he had forgiven her.

"Well, babe, what you'd like to have for breakfast? Tell me and I'll prepare it for you." As Rachel was saying this, she pulled his arm off and cuddled into Hiram's embrace, pressing herself against his chest. Sleepy too, in half-dreaming state, she wished that the time would stop now. Her whole being craved that they would stay hugged together like this forever. She felt so secure and safe in his arms. This was the place she belonged to. She would fear nothing as long as Hiram was with her.

"Don't worry, my darling! Get more sleep. We are going to figure out what we can stuff our stomachs with after we get up," Hiram said in a sleepy husky voice, as he put his big arm around her shoulders and drew her closer to him. Last night they had made love so many times, so she must have been exhausted, too.

Her heart was filled with overflowing warmth. How considerate her husband was! Feeling melted as a hot chocolate, Rachel put her arms around his waist tighter. It was right that sex was, indeed, a great medicine for the marriage.

Then he made a phone call to ask Carl to take the twins to their grandparents' house.

Last night Hiram didn't sleep so well. If the twins were at home, he wouldn't have a good sleep either. More importantly, he was craving to get all this alone-time with his beautiful wife. It seemed that it had been ages since they last enjoyed staying alone, just the two of them!

So why couldn't he take this opportunity to have the children spend more time with Joanna and Gavin? In the evening he would go to pick them up. It was going to be a really good way to get the best of both worlds.

Then they continued sleeping blissfully for more hours.

When Rachel woke up, it was already noon. However, Hiram had already gotten up earlier.

"Where are the maids and nannies? Aren't they at home?" Rachel looked around, puzzled. None of them was in sight. On a normal day they should have been preparing the lunch at this time.

While Rachel was still wondering, Hiram popped up unexpectedly. With a wide smile on his face, he walked out of the kitchen and to her utmost surprise, her husband was carrying a dish in his hands. Then he said simply,"I gave them a day off. Today, only you and me are at home, no one else, babe."

Serving the plate at the table, he continued,"Go to wash your face and come to have lunch together, my precious."

Immediately Rachel rushed to wash her face and brushed her teeth. She was so moved. No one

fessional cook, it was pretty good that she could make a cake that looked like this one.

Although Hiram said the cake was not good-looking, he immediately took out the phone to take a photo of it. He really said one thing, but meant another. Happy in her heart, she said to herself that she knew he would like it! She knew it!

"I made two cakes. This one is for us, the other for the children. I have sealed it and put it in the fridge. They can taste it when they come home tonight." Then she went to get two plates and cutlery.

"Babe, how come you got inspired to make a cake today?"

Hiram asked. Just as he was about to cut the cake, she stopped him. "Wait! Make a wish first!"

Rachel held his wrist. Then she rushed to find two candles and lit them up with his lighter.

"Today is neither my birthday, nor the twins'. Why did you light the candles?" Hiram chuckled, looking with uncovered amusement at the woman, who was taking to heart the mission of making wishes right now.

After Rachel was done with her wish-making, she pulled together the strength to blow off the candles. Then she looked at her husband with a mysterious expression on her face. "You haven't noticed that. It's kind of a holiday today."

Immediately Hiram wrinkled his eyebrows together. 'Holiday? What holiday?' He didn't remember any. Their anniversary would still be few days ahead. What would it be then?

"Do you want to know?" After taking the candles out of the cake, she cut a piece of cake for him first.

"You bet. Tell me what it is." Even after thinking hard and juggling between different guesses in his mind, he still didn't have any clue. So finally he gave up. Then he took the fork to have a bite of the cake. Although it didn't look good, it tasted so yummy.

After cutting a piece for herself, Rachel sat down, took out the phone and showed him a memo.

In the past, she also couldn't remember it. But then she had recorded it on the phone, so it would pop up to remind her at this time every year.

Taking the phone in his hand, Hiram saw the wallpaper on the screen was a picture of the ancestral temple of the Rong family in XH Village. Reading the memo brought a soft smile, which spread evenly across his lips...

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