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   Chapter 313 Honey I Am Sorry

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The elevator arrived at the first floor. When the doors opened, Hiram saw there was a massive line of people standing outside who shouted in unison at the sight of him,"Welcome, Mr. Rong!"

"Oh, Mr. Rong, what a nice surprise! Welcome." The boss of the Woman's Club greeted Hiram. She knew that everything in this area, including the club, belonged to the Rong family.

Hiram snorted at her and stormed out of the club in big strides. He was carrying Rachel over his shoulder like a child. Chad immediately opened the car door, and then Hiram and Rachel got in the car.

Then Chad pointed at Carl. "You! How could you bring Rachel here?"

Carl stared at Chad, unable to speak. He argued in his head that Rachel had insisted on coming here, so it was not his fault. There was simply nothing he could have done.

Hiram slammed the car door shut.

Rachel frowned slightly and bit her lip. She looked at Hiram carefully who sat in the driver's seat and was going to drive himself. She had no idea what was going to happen next.

"Honey, are we going home or somewhere else?" Rachel asked very quietly, her hands grasping the handlebar above her tightly.

Rachel thought she was screwed. Their relationship had already been on the rocks and now she had just made it even worse.

Hiram looked at her coldly and stepped on the gas hard and sped off, burning rubber.

Rachel noticed that Hiram was driving toward another villa area instead of their home.

Hiram stopped the car at a villa that was situated at the base of a mountain. The house had just been built and was still vacant. Then Hiram got off the car.

"Honey, you have to trust me! You know I would never do anything with any of those men!" Rachel quickly got out of the car and followed Hiram.

"I am not angry. Just because I didn't let you touch me yesterday, you decided to go hire a money boy? Seriously, good for you!" Hiram suddenly turned around and said condescendingly.

Rachel had recently become more assertive. She had added him to her blacklist on her cellphone for days. And now she was doing things by herself without his permission. How dared she go to that place!

"I…… I can explain..." Rachel's words came out stuttered.

Hiram snickered. "I saw it with my own eyes. I saw you talking to money boys attentively. Who knows what you would've done if I hadn't shown up.

her. He loved them more than anything in the world.

Rachel watched them play and her face lit up with a smile. Every time she watched Hiram play with these two kids she felt immense gratitude for her life.

"Mom! Let's play the game of chicken!" Joyce shouted at Rachel. She had played it with one of the house staff this afternoon, but she thought it was boring.

Rachel smiled and walked over. "Okay, then let dad play the eagle, okay?"

Jonny nodded in agreement. "Okay, Dad plays the eagle and mom is the mom of the baby chickens."

Hiram stood up and glanced at Rachel. Then he rolled up his sleeves and took his posture for the game.

"Jonny, Joyce, hurry! Get behind me! Dad is going to catch you!"

Rachel said, and looked at Hiram with a smile.

Kids had a great time and got tired quickly. Then Rachel and Hiram each cradled one kid and bathed them before putting them to bed.

After putting the kids down, they walked into their room. Rachel heaved a sigh of relaxation and took a shower.

"Honey?" When Rachel came out of the bathroom, Hiram was no longer in the bedroom.

She thought Jonny was still awake, so Hiram must be in his bedroom.

After a minute, the bedroom door opened, and Hiram walked in, talking to someone on the phone. He glanced at Rachel who was wearing only a towel and said,"I have to go. Let's talk about it tomorrow."

Rachel bit her bottom lip and looked at Hiram with a shy smile,"Hiram."

Hiram raised his eyebrows and looked at her with his dark eyes narrowed. "What? Didn't I satisfy you back in that villa?"

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