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   Chapter 312 The Handsome Money Boy

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"Where is Rachel?" asked Hiram over the phone.

"Yeah she is inside negotiating about the cooperation. I am waiting for her outside..." Carl replied with fear. He was so scared that his forehead began to sweat.

"Carl! How dare you do something like this? Why did you not tell me that Rachel went to such place?" Hiram scolded him with huge anger. His voice was low but furious.

If Chad hadn't told him just now, he would have never known that Rachel had come to such place. Moreover, she had been staying there for more than half an hour!

"I..." Carl was too nervous to utter a word but kept sweeping the sweat on his forehead with his sleeve.

By the time Carl could express his thought, it was too late that Hiram had hung up the phone in extreme anger.

He was about to say that his sister in law was a reliable person and would never do anything disrespectful to Hiram.

But now, he was afraid that his cousin might misunderstand that.

In the Women's Club

"All our boys are lined up here for you and you are free to choose whichever you like," claimed the manager. The manager asked in a submissive tone,"Which one you like to choose from these 100 boys?"

There were different kind of men in the lot. Some men had well-built sturdy body while few others had a weak and frail body. Each one was unique in the group.

Rachel found it really tedious and challenging to choose from the group as she herself was so puzzled regarding which one was the best.

First of all, she was feeling guilty about the fact that she was here but it was not known by Hiram.

Secondly, after being with Hiram for so long, there was just none of the men from the group was up to the standard she expected.

Among them, few were so weak that they never had manly look, which was not convincing to her. On the other hand, others were so manly that were not pleasing for her.

In terms of appearance, none of them was alluring, which was so displeasing for Rachel.

Rachel felt so disappointed that none of them was up to the looks of Hiram. Moreover, she could never even compare them with Hiram's personality.

She then asked the manager,"Are you sure there are no more men in your club? I think you might have hidden some of the best talents, is that so?" Rachel asked with a sceptical smile on her face. Then she stopped gazing at those enchanting young men.

"Not really. In order for you to choose, we have gathered all our best boys here!" The manager stated in embarrassment.

Rachel instantly turned around. She was wondering what to do next.

All she could do was to just choose someone randomly and bring him into the room. This was due to the pressure S

n front of her. She did not say anything but just did it to show her.

Hiram raised his eyebrows as a sign of discomfort. He felt a little embarrassed that she was kissing him in public. However, he did not push her away and also didn't react.

Rachel took her lips off Hiram and gently wiped her mouth, saying,"Miss Su, I have done it. Can you sign the contract now?" Rachel said in distress,"I thought you would stick on to your words".

Serlina responded calmly,"I have always lived up to my words in all instances. Bring me the contract. I will sign now."

Rachel had a great sigh of relief on hearing that from Serlina. She immediately gave her the contract document and found a pen for signing.

Soon after she signed the contract, with her eyes glued on Hiram, Serlina enquired Rachel,"You said you are married, right?" She added,"I think you will continue to be a good wife. So how about handing over this man to me?"

Rachel grabbed the contract from her and put it inside her bag intelligently. Then she went near Hiram and helped him to button his shirt. Then controlling her laughter, she asked Hiram,"Do you get that? Miss Su wants you to accompany her later.

However, I chose him first, so he has to be with me tonight."

She then tried to take him out along with her.

As soon as the door was closed, Hiram held her wrist and put her whole body on his shoulder. Then he carried her lovingly on the corridor.

"Huh!" She exclaimed,"Hiram! Let me down..."

She was trying to jump down, but ended up in getting a strong hit on her buttock.

"Better stay calm now. Or else I will make you pay for this in a even worse way," Hiram said. Hiram felt dejected when he said so and then, carrying her on his shoulder, he directed himself towards the elevator.

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