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   Chapter 311 Exclusive Women's Club

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Rachel coughed at the sound of those words and with surprise she asked,"What did you say? The place for our meeting is the most famous, exclusive women's club in H city!"

"That's right!"

Celine nodded her head but looked at her doubtfully. "Are you sure you really want to meet her? I borrowed a membership card from my friend. I can give it to you to use if you'd like!"

Rachel answered with a slight frown,"Well, she is our customer, so I guess I have to go."

"Well. What a forthright response! I will get the card for you in a heartbeat!" Celine said and then she went to find the card in her office. She returned and handed it to Rachel.

"Rachel, don't worry! The confidentiality there is at the highest level, so you and your identity will be safe. There's nothing to worry about. Who said that only men can have fun? We can too! We deserve to have women's clubs also!" Celine said with a wink.

Rachel glanced at her and began to laugh. "What are you going to do? Business is our main priority. The women's club should not be."

Celine laughed and proceeded to answer,"Yes, yes you are right. Your Hiram is more handsome than all the men in the world, so now you can't find yourself being attracted by any other man, hmm?"

Thinking about what Celine said, Rachel realized it was true. Since her relationship with Hiram began, she genuinely hadn't noticed other men. Sure, one would catch her eye from time to time, but she never felt more than a little attraction to anyone other than Hiram.

Hiram really was her "one true love." It seemed that Hiram had somehow cast a spell on her.

There is a famous saying,"Love is blind." Rachel's love with Hiram sure made her blind. She only had eyes for Hiram.

It was 3 p.m.

Rachel had arrived at the exclusive Women's Club at 3 o'clock promptly, not a minute later as Rachel was never late.

Carl drove her there. He wanted to try to go into the club with Rachel, but he was obviously stopped at the door by the bouncer. "Excuse me. This is an exclusive women's club," the guard said. "No men allowed."

"Please wait for me outside, Carl," Rachel said and then she entered the club.


Before Carl could finish calling Rachel's name, the bouncer closed the door tightly. Carl became frantic. 'Hiram told me to keep her safe at all times. Crap! What can I do now?

Rachel just entered a club full of male strippers and pimps and sh

st blurted out of her like vomit. 'She wants me to do what she likes to do just because she enjoys it? Why do I have to do it if I don't enjoy it? Does she feel lonely?' Rachel thought to herself.

"I see.. What are you afraid of? I didn't ask you to cheat on your husband. I'm simply encouraging you to have some fun! I want to see if you have what it takes to be my business partner. If you can't take a small risk like this, then we simply aren't compatible," Serlina said matter-of-factly as she sat up and wrapped her arms around the man's neck. "Hey sexy, don't you agree with me?"

The man kissed her and answered,"Of course. I always admire your tenacity and courage."

"Miss Su…"

"Don't hesitate. I will give you 20 minutes to pick a man. If you don't have the guts, then you should stop wasting your time and just leave now."

"... ..." Rachel was shocked that Serlina was actually serious about this. They began making out on the sofa so Rachel felt like it was her cue to leave.

'What exactly did she want me and the man to do?' Rachel thought.

Meanwhile there was a scene outside of the club.

Carl leaned on the car as he waited restlessly for Rachel. It felt like she had been in there for an eternity and he was growing more worried by the minute.

'I hope Rachel is in there for strictly business purposes. If any man touches her and Hiram finds out, he will kill me!' Carl thought anxiously to himself.

Just as Carl was working himself up, his phone rang.

When Carl saw who was calling him, he was so shocked and he accidentally dropped his phone.

"Hello, H-H-Hiram?"

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