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   Chapter 310 You Are Old Enough To Sleep Alone

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"Come on! I don't think it's weird. Having a crush on someone you admire, going on a few blind dates, they are so normal! Most people do stuff like that, don't they?" Rachel said.

"You mean I'm a freak?"

Hiram asked, frowning.

He had a passion for cleanliness and order, whether it was about his work or personal life. He wanted his relationships to be neat and his love to be pure. Two people came together because they loved each other, so now that he was married and loved his wife, of course he wouldn't cheat on her. He had no interest in such things. He didn't have the spare time or energy to notice other women, let alone do things with them.

People always said that all men thought with what was between their legs instead of their head, but Hiram considered himself an exception. He could control his physical needs, and he had no desire to be with many women.

Rachel nodded her head in reply. She agreed with him.

She did think that he was a "freak" somehow.

In general, he was a logical man, but sometimes, he was so logical that he didn't seem to belong in this world. He was like a monk who had full control of his desires and emotions.

"But I'm wondering about something. The waitress saw me come in with you, so why did she still bother to ask?" Rachel asked with curiosity as she took a sip of her milky tea.

Hiram was holding his cup in his hands, about to drink from it. When he heard Rachel's question, he narrowed his eyes and paused for a moment, and then said,"That's because every other time I came here, I was alone."

"Really? Even before our marriage?" Rachel asked, feeling even more confused after Hiram's reply. Her eyebrows furrowed together.

It seemed she had discovered another secret of his. Why couldn't he just tell her everything? She thought that couples should be honest and frank with each other. 'Come on, Hiram. Just spill the beans!'

But even after seeing his wife's serious face, Hiram didn't think it was a big deal. He continued dismissively,"Well, I rarely came here the last few years. I was too busy, you know. But I was a much more regular customer before we got married."

Whenever he felt stressed and had to calm down, he would come here to be with just himself. This was a great place where he could let off some steam.

But ever since he had gotten married to Rachel, he had little time for himself. He didn't realize that he needed some alone time until the day before yesterday.

So here he was again, but this time, he had brought his wife with him.

Rachel remained silent. She felt like she was seeing the old Hiram again: possessing unlimited fame and a promising future on one hand, but feeling lonely on the other.

"Hiram, I'm sorry..."

Rachel trailed off with a sincere apology. She knew she hadn't been very considerate about his preferences. She often made one-sided decisions without thinking about him. She hadn't realized that ever since they got married, they should have become one, making decisions together. Instead, she had often ignored her husband's thoughts and feelings.

Or it might be because Hiram had built so many walls around him and always hid his vulnerability. As a husband, he had to be strong enough to protect his family. Either way, Rachel had neglected his feelings.

But marriage was a journey for two, so she decided that, as a wife who was loved dearly by her husband, she would also try to blend into his world and to understand the real him.

"From now on, I won't leave you alone. I won't make any decision by myself no matter what

said,"I got it. You..."

"I got to go," Hiram said in a hurried low voice, seeing Mr. He walking toward him.

"Hello?" Rachel said, but Hiram had already hung up.

She sighed, put the phone down, and walked to the children.

As the afternoon wore on, Rachel decided to go to the company early. She needed to distract herself from Hiram's cold treatment. Working might be the best option.

After attending a brief meeting, Celine walked into Rachel's office with a customer's materials in her hand. She was facing a problem.

"Rachel, SOS! I'm overwhelmed. I have a difficult customer, the most difficult ever!" Celine let out a heavy groan. She put the materials on the desk, sat in the swivel chair and spun around twice. "Rach, as you know, if she wasn't a big customer, I would have..."

Celine drifted off in a resentful tone. Her hands were clenched into hard fists. If that woman wasn't her customer, Celine would have torn her into pieces already.

Rachel glanced at Celine before picking up the materials and running her eyes through them. It was said that by nature, there was hostility between women. Although Rachel didn't agree with it, she thought it applied to this case.

This customer fit the "female boss" stereotype perfectly. She was always bitter and sarcastic and liked making things difficult for everyone. Celine had been the object of her torture lately, so it was no wonder that Celine was so outraged.

"Let's go ahead with the meeting as scheduled, at 3 o'clock this afternoon. But this time, I'll go and meet her instead of you," Rachel said, having a plan in mind after going over the materials.

Celine's eyes widened at Rachel's words. "What? You want to go and meet her? Do you know where you'll be meeting?" she asked incredulously.

"Fill me in," Rachel said casually.

Since Celine was the one who had met this customer the last few times, Rachel had no idea where the meetings took place. But Celine's tone and expression told Rachel that they were probably at a place that was unusual. 'But just how unusual?' Rachel wondered, waiting for Celine's answer.

"The woman's club! It is the legendary women's wonderland where rich women are overwhelmed with joy. It has male prostitutes of every kind! This customer is divorced and single. The only thing she has is lust for men!"

Celine said as she snapped her fingers.

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