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   Chapter 309 Who Is She

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Rachel headed to the private room that Hiram had entered. But before Rachel could go into the room, the elegant woman entered with a notebook to take orders.

"You are here,"

said the elegant woman, friendly. It seemed that she was acquainted with Hiram.

"Same food as usual. In addition, I want fried eggplant and double desserts," said Hiram in a low voice, after nodding his head.

The woman, who was about to write down his orders, paused for a moment, and then asked,"I remember that you don't like eggplant, right? You also don't like to eat dessert. But this time you ordered them. It's not like you. Did you invite someone to have dinner with you?"

"Yeah. My wife is coming. She is right behind you. She likes eggplant and dessert." As he spoke, Hiram glanced at Rachel who was standing in the doorway, and then he continued,"Rachel, come in. What else would you like to eat? Order it."

Rachel walked in and glanced over the dishes listed on the notebook. Then she said,"You've ordered many dishes. They're enough. Thank you."

As she spoke, she took a seat opposite Hiram.

The elegant woman, named Flora, glanced at Rachel with surprise. Although she was surprised, she didn't forget to say,"You two relax for a while... The dishes will be ready soon."

After Flora left the room, Rachel raised her eyebrows and joked,"Who is she, your ex-lover? Your ex-girlfriend? Or your first girlfriend?"

Now she had sharp eyes. As soon as a woman was around Hiram, she could tell if the woman was interested in Hiram or not.

"The milky tea served here is really good. All the girls like to drink it. You can have a taste." Hiram glanced at Rachel with a glimmer of a smile in his eyes. Then he continued in an ambiguous way,"Think what you like. If you think she is, then she is."

Hearing Hiram's words, Rachel's heart skipped a beat. "You come here often to have meals, alone. Why? Are you trying to resume your relationship with her?" She asked.

Generally speaking, when Rachel said something like that, Hiram would clear himself immediately. However, this time he didn't refute it.

"... I've said that whatever you think is what you think. Whatever!"

Hiram said coolly, looking at Rachel who had become a little nervous in her seat.

"So if you are trying to resume your relationship with her, then why did you bring me here? Aren't you afraid that I'll destroy your chances?" As she spoke, Rachel stirred her milky tea, making the spoon clink against the cup.

"No, I'm not afraid at all. Nobody can interrupt what I want t

have the chef cook one more dessert, please," said Hiram, finding an excuse to make Flora leave. If he didn't do it, he thought that he wouldn't be able to walk by the end of the meal.

Flora nodded at him with a smile, stood up and left.

"Rachel, is my shoe your enemy?" said Hiram, raising his eyebrows.

Rachel stood up, walked past the table, and tried her best to sit in his armchair. "Hiram, you just talked about camp and snow mountain. Have you ever climbed a snow mountain with her?"

"Yes. When I had just graduated from university, I went climbing with several friends." As he spoke, Hiram held her waist and made her sit on his lap.

Rachel couldn't help but murmur,"So, you two were in a relationship before and you have experienced a lot of things together?"

Hiram raised his cup and took a sip of milky tea. Then he looked at her and said,"It's real that I have experienced a lot of things with her. But I have had no other girlfriends or lovers before you."

"Really? You were always single before?" said Rachel in an incredulous manner. "I don't believe it at all!" she continued.

Although Luke had ever said that Hiram had always been single before he met her, she was still a little doubtful because she had seen several women show their love for Hiram. Was it true that Hiram had never agreed to have a relationship with these girls?

Hiram glanced at her coolly and said,"Do you think everyone is like you, and that everyone likes an upperclassboy secretly in high school and is set up on constant blind dates after graduating from university?"

When she heard Hiram mention her, Rachel immediately lowered her head and pretended not to be clear about these things.

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