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   Chapter 308 The Punishment

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That stupid girl, Shirley, who tried to have baby with Hiram had been driven to a remote village four years ago.

Now, she was married to a local farmer and had a baby with him.

So Lydia had to rely on herself.

She had the thought of giving up, but whenever she saw Hiram, she couldn't restrain her affection for him.

It was a torture for her to see him be with another woman happily.

No matter what happened, she would pursue this through to the end.

Besides, she could still use her dad.

She knew that for the sake of Joyce and Jonny, Gavin had to keep Rachel in the Rong family, but he had never truly forgiven the Ruan family for Landy's death.

Meanwhile at Streams Company, Rachel was almost starving, but that man was still buried in work.

"Hiram, I'm hungry. Shall we go home?" she pleaded. She didn't want to wait any longer, so she stood up from the sofa and walked towards him.

Hiram continued to read the files in his hands unhurriedly. Seeing her coming, he raised his head and said,"You can't wait a minute? Then you should have known how I felt in those four days."

Rachel frowned. Was he punishing her?

He had been torturing her since noon. Wasn't that enough?


Before she could continue, Hiram said,"If you're so eager to go home, I'll ask Chad to send you back now."

"What? Hiram, are you still mad at me? I thought you would have gotten it all out by now !"

Rachel said, staring at him angrily.

Hiram closed the file folder loudly. Looking at her, he said,"So that's what you think? It seems you should continue to self-reflect."

"I... Come on, Honey! I promise I won't ever miss any of your phone calls again! Never!" Rachel swore, stretching out three fingers.

Hiram leaned back, distancing himself a little more from her.

"What's the use of this oath? Have you ever seen me swearing?" he asked.

Rachel looked at him, puckering her mouth, and then walked closer to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sat on his thighs. "Honey, I know you've been feeling betrayed. I'll make it up to you. Don't be mad at me, okay?"

Rachel pleaded. She knew that he had been driven mad because of being unable to reach her, but she thought that he would forgive her if she spent more time with him.

Hearing this, Hiram laughed.

"Do you want to make it up to me by having sex with me? I don't care. I can survive even without you," he said firmly. Her

ver, when she was about to enter the room, the waitress stopped her and asked,"Miss, are you alone?"

Didn't she see that she had come with Hiram?

"I came with Mr. Rong,"

Rachel said. She saw a touch of surprise in the waitress' eyes.

She didn't know that Hiram had been coming to this restaurant many times throughout the past few years, but it was his first time to bring someone with him.

That was why the waitress was so surprised.

A special display in the center of the hall aroused Rachel's interest when she was about to walk inside of the room following Hiram. She withdrew her steps and walked towards it.

When she came closer, she found it was a phoenix tree which was enclosed by a glass dome. Its yellow leaves were falling slowly and there was already a thick layer of golden leaves on the floor.

'How did they make it?' Rachel thought.

It touched the sentimental side of people.

No wonder it was named Time Restaurant.

She had seen the winter scenery as she entered the restaurant, and now the autumn. There were also some other settings with seasonal elements scattered throughout the restaurant.

"Flora, Mr. Rong has arrived," the waitress said to a woman, who was busy working on the flower arrangements in the room.

Hearing this, the woman put down the tools in her hand and brushed her beautiful hair with her hands. "Got it. I'll cook personally for him."

Rachel stood in front of the glass dome and looked at the elegant woman walking away.

Even from behind, Rachel could tell that she was a woman with stories.

But, would her stories be related to Hiram?

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