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   Chapter 305 Hiram Was Furious

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As Rachel entered the door, she heard a loud clinking noise and realized that she had accidentally kicked a broken glass and the glass pieces scattered everywhere.

She knew that this must have been Hiram. He always threw things when he was really angry.

But he seldom did it in front of her.

Rachel cautiously tiptoed across the doorway. Picking up the tea cup and setting it on the desk, she looked around to see if Hiram was there.

'Where is he now? Why can't I see him?' wondered Rachel, confused.

After she picked up all the things off the ground and set them on the table, Rachel walked to the suite and knocked lightly on the door.

Rachel waited and waited, but there was no response.

Softly pushing the door open, Rachel craned her neck and looked around. She quickly noticed a large, black figure near the French window. Hiram just stood there calmly, smoking a cigarette.

Rachel figured out that the reason she couldn't find him was because he stayed inside the room!

Rachel stepped in and gently closed the door.

"What's wrong? What is going on in here?" uttered Rachel, picking up the pillow that was thrown on the ground by Hiram and brushing the dust off it. She then put it on the bed, and walked up to Hiram.

When Hiram, who was standing with his back to Rachel, heard the familiar voice, he was shocked. He quickly put out his cigarette in the ashtray, which was on the windowsill.

Seeing that he didn't say a word, Rachel got close to him and tightly wrapped her arms around Hiram's waist from behind asking,"Darling, what's wrong? What happened?"

Rachel also tried to think of possible reasons. 'Is Hiram this angry because I didn't answer his calls? No, there must be something else that's bothering him.'

The next event surprised Rachel.

Hiram removed Rachel's hands from his waist and walked directly out of the suite, heading towards his desk.

Rachel was frozen in shock. She looked down at her hands, perplexed. It was the first time Hiram had ever pushed her away. He must be furious. Why was this so serious?

She just hadn't answered his calls for two days. How could he react this dramatically?

Rachel then walked out of the suite also. She called for someone from the janitorial staff to clean the office. After that, she walked over to Hiram with a cup of tea in her hand and said,"Darling, drink it quickly, or it will get cold."

The office cleaner, who was cleaning Hiram's office, accidentally dropped the mop and quickly picked it back up.

She was just so surprised with Rachel's behaviour. She couldn't even count how many times she had cleaned Mr. Rong's office in the past couple days. If anyone else came to urge Mr. Rong to drink his tea, the tea cup would have already been smashed to pieces.

It appeared that the his wife was special to Mr. Rong!

"I'm not thirsty. Put it down." Hiram didn't even raise his head. Instead, he fixed his eyes on a document

gned documents in his arms.

Hiram's attitude had been much better than it had been several days ago.

It seemed that Rachel was the best natural extinguisher for Hiram!

Rachel bit her lips as she stared at the man who was engaging in his work silently. She checked the time and found it was twelve o'clock. Then she turned around and left the room.

When Rachel walked out of the office, she saw Chad, who was followed by three waiters, coming up to her. Each waiter carried?two?dishes?on?their?trays.

"Rachel, I called the chef of the restaurant which Mr. Rong often dropped in over here. These are all the dishes he specially prepared for Mr. Rong and you," said Chad, and let the waiters walk quickly to catch up with him.

Rachel burst into laughter. It was obvious that Hiram's subordinates had spared no efforts to let him be willing to eat something. In order to prepare satisfying meals for him, they had even called the chef and waiters over here!

"By the way, would you like to serve these dishes to Mr. Rong? I did that myself the other day, but he just drove me away," added Chad, embarrassed.

Hearing his words, Rachel rolled up her sleeves and carried two dishes, saying,"Open the door."

Chad quickly opened the door for her.

Rachel entered the office with two dishes in her hands, and then put them on the table near the sofa, casting a glance at Hiram who was busy with his work. Meanwhile, Hiram seemed to have realized that the one who came in his office was Rachel, which made his eyebrows draw together. But he remained silent.

After Rachel had brought in six dishes and one soup, Chad closed the door. Before he left the room, Chad also opened a bottle of red wine for them and gave it to Rachel.

"Rachel, I'll leave this to you!"

Chad hoped so much that Rachel would succeed in pleasing Hiram and turning his mood around. He was pretty sure that he couldn't bear the hardships of his terrible mood any longer!

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