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   Chapter 304 Added Him To The Blocked List

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"Fannie is uncomfortable? How about this? You come back with her today and I'll arrange for a professional to help care for her. She can stay in H City until she is doing better and then head back to the XH Village." Hiram quickly found a solution.

Rachel bit her lips and took a glance at Fannie. Rachel rolled her eyes and said,"Well, she's not that sick, just a little tired, I guess. I think she'll be better within the next couple days. By then, I'll ask Carl to drive me home.

Well, I have to go. Goodbye."

Rachel hung up the phone directly. She didn't listen to whether Hiram was still talking to her.

After she hung up the phone, Rachel was a little nervous. She was afraid that Hiram would call her again, so she added his number to her blocked numbers list temporarily.

However, after she did that, Rachel grew more nervous.

Would Hiram be mad at her if he found out she blocked him?

However, what was she supposed to say if Hiram called her again?

Oh boy! Rachel just wanted to stay with her mother for two more days without any interference. Why should she feel like she had done something wrong?

"Mama, I want more persimmon." Joyce's mouth was full of persimmon. But she liked eating it so much that she asked Rachel for more.

Rachel was still nervous but Joyce made her forget the blacklist thing. Rachel put her cell phone back on the table and walked towards Joyce. "Sure. But this is the last one so you need to share it with your brother."

Time seemed to pass more quickly when you were enjoying yourself. And they had been enjoying themselves. Two days had passed. Rachel was still happy living in her mother's house and totally forgot about going back.

"Slow down, Jonny!" Rachel brought her two children to a low hill nearby. It wasn't steep and it was a suitable place for children to play. When Rachel was a child, she had loved coming to the hill to play.

"Mama, this flower is so beautiful. It's for you!" Jonny picked up a little yellow flower from a crack in a small stone and gave it to Rachel excitedly.

Rachel was going to tell Jonny that it was dangerous for him to pick up flowers off the ground like that, but when she saw how excited he was to give her the flower, she felt moved. "Thank you, Jonny. I love it very much."

Joyce was with Fannie and Carl. They were picking and collecting dates.

Although Joyce was pretty short, she could stand on her tiptoe to pick up dates and she seemed to be very skilled at it. Sometimes, she would eat one of them after she picked up dates. "Mama, it's so sweet!

Here you go, Jonny. Try one." Joyce walked towards Rachel and her brother. She took one of the dates from her po

it seemed that she had gotten herself into trouble.

Hearing Carl's words, Rachel decided she couldn't stay. The next morning, she headed back to H City, with the two children.

When they arrived in H City, it wasn't even afternoon yet. Rachel was going to bring the children to the Tulip Palace and wait for Hiram at home.

However, Carl persuaded Rachel to go to the Streams Company now. Things would be much better if she approached him as soon as possible.

Then, at least, Hiram would know that Rachel had come back.

Rachel asked the servants to take care of the children. Then she asked Carl to drive her to the Streams Company.

When she walked into the building, she could feel the fear that filled the air. Secretaries were lowering their heads and tiptoeing around. It seemed that they were afraid of being heard.

The manager from the engineer department walked towards the lobby from the other end of the hallway, with a messy stack of paper in his arms. When he saw Rachel, he nodded his head to her. Then he lowered his head and continued to walk with a sad face.

Outside the door of the CEO's office, Chad was holding a cup of tea. But he didn't go into the office, and instead kept pacing back and forth in front of the office door.

When he saw Rachel, he felt like he had seen an angel. "Thank God! Rachel, you're back, finally!

Rachel! Can you please help me give this to Hiram? He won't allow me to enter his office." Chad was a brave and strong man, but he seemed very frightened, which would make people think that the boss, Hiram, was a devil.

Rachel took the tea cup from Chad. She raised her eyebrows and glanced at Chad suspiciously. Was Hiram really being that scary?

Holding the tea cup, Rachel opened the door and walked into his office.

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