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   Chapter 303 Doomed To Have No Son

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"Right! It's dollars. It could be changed to six or seven hundred million RMB. Selina, maybe you could ask your son-in-law to give you one hundred million too. That sum in RMB would be enough!" Excitedly exclaimed Fannie, casting a glance at Selina and Vicky.

After hearing this, Selina turned pale white like a canvas and helplessly looked at Vicky who was standing beside her.

The only thing she could ask her son-in-law for was jewelry. Should she beg him for money, not to mention the huge amount of one hundred million, she would be lucky, if he gave her even 500 thousand.

Besides, Vicky's brother didn't work any more, so they were relying only on Vicky. How could Selina dare to displease her son-in-law?

Noticing that her mother didn't feel so well, Vicky took Selina's hand and said,"Mother, we have made an appointment with Wesley Zhang, the fortune teller, do you remember? We should leave now to meet him on time. At the moment, this is more important than anything else."

Trying to act cool and pretending that she was calm, Selina stood up, snorted in discontentment and then strode out.

After the two ladies left, Fannie burst into uncontrollable laughter. "These people are so ridiculous. They are eager to show off with their prosperity in front of society, even though they are not so wealthy. They try to hold themselves so high and keep an illusion alive, unaware of what position they are in actually."

"Aunt Fannie, why are they going to meet Wesley Zhang? What are they asking for?" Carl was interested.

Of course, Rachel knew the answer. People in XH Village went to meet Wesley Zhang only for one reason, which was...

"What else could they wish for? They have almost everything they want, except for a son. Wesley Zhang is famous for being very good at predicting whether you will have a son or not!"

said Fannie directly. She continued,"Vicky has been married for some time, but she hasn't given birth to a baby boy yet, so she wants to ask Wesley Zhang for help."

Then, full of pride, Fannie looked at Jonny and said,"A son doesn't always come when you wish for it. Some people are destined to have a son or even sons, but some are doomed to have no son."

When Fannie was young, Wesley Zhang had told her that she would only have a daughter.

Nevertheless, Wesley Zhang had also claimed that her daughter would be worth more than ten sons. Certainly his prediction had come true now!

"Well, Mom, let's go." Smiling warmly, Rachel looked at Fannie. She knew that her mother was recalling the past. Also, Fannie had once told her daughter about Wesley Zhang's prediction.

When Rachel, Fannie and the others came back from the orchard, they passed through the busiest street of XH Village.

It was so crowded. Some people looked like they were ardently quarreling

hen with huge pleasure, everyone enjoyed eating the fresh vegetables and fruits.

"Mom, what kind of person is Vicky's Mother-in-law? Why does she force Vicky to give birth to a boy?" As she was wondering, Rachel put the cut apples on the table and then sat down for a rest on the sofa.

It seemed that the neighbors had told Fannie about Vicky's marriage. Fannie didn't reply right away, but rather took a pause to think about it and then proceeded,"Well, she is married to a son of a rich family, the Zhou family. But Vicky is that man's third wife! When he divorced his second wife, that poor woman was already pregnant!"

Such bad facts couldn't be concealed from the public for too long. Many people knew it when it happened.

"Zhou family..."

That name sounded so familiar to Rachel. Yes, a few years ago, a lady, who was pregnant, said that she was the daughter-in-law of the Zhou family. Was the family she had mentioned back then actually the same as Vicky's?

No, it was impossible. Vicky was so young! How could she marry a man who remarried for the third time?

It must be a mistake or a coincidence in the family names.

So then, Rachel discarded this thought as untrue and even shook her head to get rid of it. Afterwards she took her mobile phone, which was ringing.


"My darling, would you like me to ask Carl to drive you back home or you prefer me to come pick you up?"

At this very moment, Rachel realized that it was the second day since she had left her husband.

First, she hesitated for a little while, and then she replied,"Hiram... honey, I wish I could stay here for two more days. My mother... my mother... doesn't feel so well. I want to take good care of her, until her condition gets better. Is that okay?"

While she lied to Hiram, Rachel blinked her eyes and looked at Fannie who was enjoying a juicy piece of apple.

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