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   Chapter 302 An Encounter With Selina and Vicky

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Unable to find a way to change his mind, Rachel decided that she needed to make a compromise.

"Okay. I'll return in two days,"

she said, planning to agree first, then later find an excuse to stay for several days more after reaching XH Village.

She didn't believe that Hiram would do anything to her if she didn't return for two days.

Since she seldom came back to XH Village, she really wanted to stay for a longer time. A week was already her minimum requirement, and half a month would be perfect.

She knew that she had to agree with the aggressive man to be able to keep her freedom.

The car should have stopped at the intersection to XH Village, but since Rachel insisted on going there, Hiram decided that he would change his route to include driving her and the kids to XH Village on his way back to H City.

When they had approached XH Village, Rachel felt a slight sense of guilt. She looked over at Hiram who was looking at her, silent.

He had a look of desperation, as if she was leaving him forever.

She was just going to stay with her mom for a few days, why did he look so unhappy?

It was already dark when Rachel and the kids arrived at Fannie's house. Betty had cleaned up the room for them.

Rachel asked Joyce and Jonny to relax on the bed for a while.

Betty had been accompanying Fannie for two years. Being afraid of being laughed at by her neighbors, Fannie had refused to hire a maid at first.

But Rachel insisted on finding someone that could help take care of her, so Betty was hired.

She was a diligent and honest village girl, so Rachel felt relieved to have her to take care of Fannie.

"Joyce! Jonny! Come here. Let's go to the orchard to pick fruits. You can pick whatever you like."

Fannie called the kids excitedly that next morning. She grabbed a basket and prepared to buy some fruits at George's orchard.

"Great! Jonny, I'll pick a big apple for you!" Joyce jumped with excitement, clapping her hands and squealing.

Jonny clapped too. He shouted,"Yay! I want the big apple!"


daughter has married a rich man. Listen, Fannie! I'm not worse than you now. My son-in-law is very generous to me and he bought many jewels and a car for me!"

With that, Selina glanced at Fannie, who was wearing plain, ordinary clothes.

"Mom, the necklace she is wearing looks like the anklet that grandma gave to me," Joyce said suddenly, pointing at Selina's necklace.

Joanna bought two golden chains for Joyce and Jonny when they were a year old.

Being reluctant to put it around her ankle, Joyce had always just held it and admired it for fun.

Thinking about what Joyce had said, Rachel touched her head and said with a smile,"You're right, Joyce. That kind of chain is only made to be worn around an ankle."

"Selina, my son-in-law is not as generous as yours. He only gave my daughter a sum of money as my pension. It's not worth mentioning, only one hundred million. Rachel, I've forgotten, is that in RMB or dollars?"

Fannie turned to Rachel and asked, pretending that she couldn't remember.

Rachel tried not to laugh. She knew that Fannie had been annoyed by Selina and was trying to bring her down with her. Fannie never mentioned such personal things to non-relatives.

"It's in dollars."

After Hiram had given the money to her, she gave Fannie a debit card linked to the bank account and told her that she could use it whenever she wanted.

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