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   Chapter 301 I Want To Go Back To XH Village

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Rachel's depression was clearly showing on her face since she came in. She had been dragging her feet all across the room and it didn't slip Hiram's attention. "What's up? Is there anything wrong?"

"Hiram, you must have known about it, haven't you?"

Rachel asked tentatively as she put her pajamas on. She gave Hiram's handsome face a quick once over and tried to guess if he knew anything about what had happened tonight.

"What? I don't understand," said Hiram with a smile. He was confused. Why had his wife become so sensitive all of the sudden?

It was then that Rachel banged the table and shouted,"Hiram! Tell me the truth. Have you already known about what happened?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Hiram said innocently as he stared at the angry woman in front of him.

Rachel passed by the coffee table and sat on the couch in front of him. "Someone stole my cell phone and sent a message to Daniel to ask him out. Then a waiter came to me and told me that someone was waiting for me at the Orchid Garden. He said it was urgent.

The thing is, I didn't send any messages to Daniel at all! It was so strange!"

Rachel explained to Hiram exasperatedly, expecting him to be as baffled as she was. On the contrary, Hiram remained calm and even asked,"Then who do you think might have done it?"

"Who do you think might have done it?" Rachel didn't answer him but instead threw the very same question back to Hiram. She even dragged the word 'you' just to be sure that he understood what she meant.

It was already midnight, and Joyce had fallen asleep in her bedroom. Rachel and Hiram were in the living room by that time and it was a relief that they didn't need to worry about waking their little angel up regardless of how loud they talked.

"Have you asked the waiter when you came back to the hotel?" Hiram asked before leaning against the sofa and focusing his eyes on her.

The question didn't receive a quick answer from Rachel. She crossed her legs and looked at Hiram's face intently. She had asked the waiter about it right after coming back. It took her some seconds before she said,"Yes, but the waiter said that a man came to him and asked him to tell me that Danial needed to talk with me about something urgent. However, the waiter also said that it was night and too dark. Thus, he didn't really see what the man who asked him looked like.

Hiram, please tell me the truth. Do you know anything about it? Don't lie to me!" she said in an even higher tone.

Hiram laughed lightly and said,"Yes, I know."

"What? Say that again


Rachel exclaimed

r case.

"Honey, it's late. Let's go to bed." With that, Hiram held her up and walked into the bedroom.

The whole family stayed at Cliff Mountain for three days before deciding to come back to H City.

They just got into their car when

Rachel suddenly said,"I want to go back to XH Village with my mom and the kids. Can we do that for a couple of days?"

She had thought of transferring to Carl's car if Hiram agreed. Carl's route would be closer to XH Village.

"For how long? One day or two days?" Hiram asked as he shifted his gaze from their kids to her.

"At least a week. I rarely go there so I want to stay a little bit longer. Besides, it will take a long time to drive from here to XH Village," said Rachel. In fact, she had been planning to visit the place for a long time. It was just that she never had the chance to tell him before.

Hiram frowned and thought that a week was too long.

"No. I don't agree. Two days at most," he said in a low voice and then brought the toys for Joyce.

"But why?" Rachel sat closer to him, grabbed his sleeve, and began shaking his arm. "Honey, I haven't been there for a long time."

"If you don't promise me that you'll come back in two days, I won't let you go." A frown got into Hiram's face as he talked. Just the thought of two days without her and the kids was already driving him crazy.

He had already been so used to their kids' laughter and her presence. How could she even think that he would be okay without them around? He would be as lonely as a cloud without them beside him.

"Come on, don't play figure game with me. At least a week, okay?" Rachel pleaded and continued wagging his arm.

"No, two days at most," Hiram insisted in a firmer voice.

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