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   Chapter 300 Outwit The Schemer

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Rachel had to change out of her pajamas to go out. At that time, Joyce was sleeping like a baby, and would generally sleep straight through the night, until the next morning. Orchid Garden was located in front of the hotel, which was only a few minutes away on foot. Rachel left the hotel, as she knew that it wouldn't take her a long time to go there and then return to the hotel.

Before she left, Rachel had a hotel attendant, whose face grew rather familiar to her during the few days of their stay. Rachel ensured that she guarded the door, to keep an eye on Joyce.

Once she arrived at Orchid Garden, Daniel was sitting on a bench, waiting for her patiently.

"Daniel! It's quite late in the evening. Why did you ask me to meet you here?" said Rachel, while panting vigorously. After jogging to the garden, she was out of breath.

The staff that worked at the hotel were familiar with Joyce, so Rachel wasn't very worried about her. She ran to the garden partially because she thought that Daniel had something urgent to tell her.

Daniel stood up, looked at her with a puzzled look on his face and said,"Why are you asking me, Rachel? You're the one that messaged me on WeChat and asked me to meet you here?"

"I asked you to meet me here?" Rachel responded quickly. She was very confused.

She took her phone out of her pocket and checked it. She responded to Daniel,"No. I didn't text you. If you don't believe me, then look here. I haven't turned on my phone yet."

Daniel looked at Rachel's phone, and suddenly realized something. "It seems like somebody set us up," he said.

"Wait. What do you mean?" Rachel placed her phone in her pocket and stared at him with a puzzled look on her face.

Daniel grinned and shook his head. He took a few steps forward and kicked the tree in front of him. "Gary, wake up! Get up right now!"

"Ah! What is it? What happened?" Gary was on the grass. While Daniel was waiting for Rachel, he decided to take a nap under the tree. Standing up, he looked around him and then at Daniel.

Looking at him, Gary yawned and complained,"Daniel. I already told you that I've been walking all night, and I'm quite exhausted now. Why did you wake me up? Or, should I ask, why did you ask me to come out with you tonight?

Mrs. Rong? What are you doing here?" Gary noticed Rachel standing just a few steps away from Daniel. With a foolish smile on his face, he greeted her. It seemed that he hadn't completely woken up from his nap yet.

After glancing at Gary, Rachel shifted her eyes back to Daniel. She didn't understand why he woke Gary up.

"Well, since you're here, Rachel, why not join us for a walk? There is a lantern show not too far from here. In fact, I've come here to conduct the show myself," Daniel said calmly with a smile, inviting Rachel to a lantern spectacle.

The whole meeting with Daniel and Gary seemed odd. Rachel couldn't figure out who planned for them to meet like

r safety net.

Gavin's suspicion was immediately relieved, thanks to Gary showing up. 'Perhaps I overthink things a bit too much. Rachel just came across her former colleagues and went to a lantern show with them. There's no fuss to be made at all, ' he thought.

"Oh, I see. I was free tonight and not tired either, so I decided to go for a walk with Lydia," Gavin said after clearing his throat.

"Dad..." Lydia looked at Daniel and Rachel. At first, she wanted to say something, but instead, only bit her lips and remained silent.

She plotted the whole thing, but never would have thought that another man would accompany Rachel and Daniel. What could she possibly say now? Could she insinuate to Gavin that her sister-in-law was dating two men at the same time?

Daniel looked at Lydia from head to toe, and finally shifted his focus to Gavin with a polite smile. "Mr. Rong, since you're not tired, why don't you let me show you around? The sky is extremely beautiful tonight. When we walk around, I'll also illustrate the source of the designs' inspiration. Shall we?" he suggested.

Gavin nodded and said,"Yes. I've already been here for two days. The scene is quite remarkable. I've noticed three areas that have different styles and even have their own characteristics. Mr. Zhuo, you've really achieved something spectacular with your designs!"

"Why, thank you for your kind words, Mr. Rong. I really appreciate it."

As he spoke, Daniel guided Gavin towards the opposite streets of the lanterns.

Seeing that Daniel was about to take Gavin on a tour, Rachel quickly said,"Dad, I need to return to the hotel first!"

Gavin didn't turn around. He waved his hand to show her that he was aware, and then continued to walk with Daniel.

Rachel let out a sigh on the inside. Without even glancing at Lydia, she turned around and headed to the hotel.

After she returned to the room in the hotel, she found that Hiram had already come back.

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