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   Chapter 299 Let's Meet At Ten O'clock

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Rachel had totally sunk in her thoughts, when Daniel stood up suddenly and shouted!

It was good he reacted so quickly. While Rachel was just standing there, not quite realizing yet what was happening, Daniel swiftly grabbed and held her tightly into his strong arms.

Only after that did Rachel grasp the whole situation -- a ten-year-old boy was riding a skateboard and he was going too fast to stop. The skateboarder almost hit Rachel, but thank God, Daniel pulled her into his safe arms in time!

"I'm so sorry! I had gathered too high speed and couldn't stop."

The little boy apologized to Rachel.

"That's okay. I didn't get hurt. But, please, be more careful next time!" Rachel stood up, setting herself free from Daniel's embrace. Suddenly she thought that this little boy might have been an employee's son, since many people brought their children with them when they came here. Looking around, Rachel could see so many kids playing.

"Thank you!" The little boy expressed his gratitude to Rachel, and then he got his skateboard and went away.

With a sigh of relief, Rachel looked at Daniel, who was standing behind her, and smiled at him. "Thank you, Daniel. Isn't it interesting? It seems that every time I have a problem, you're always there for me, providing me all the help and support that I need."

Daniel was crazy for Rachel's dazzling smile, satin gentleness and soft words. Confused and still excited from holding her in his arms just few minutes ago, he touched the silver earring on his left ear out of habit and said,"You're welcome, Rachel. Remember what you told me? We're friends forever. As friends do, I must protect and help you when you're in trouble."

Rachel didn't say a word. She just looked at Daniel, smiling.

At this moment, they seemed to understand each other so well that silence spoke louder than words.

In the accident, the two of them had had a very close physical contact, which was seen by someone else. This person was Lydia.

As she looked at Rachel and Daniel from a distance, her beautiful eyes widened from interest. Now she already knew for sure that not only Patrick liked Rachel, but Daniel had fallen for her too. Although Rachel was trying to be very careful about Patrick, she seemed much more friendly and open to Daniel.

"Would you excuse me, young lady?"

Holding her boyfriend's hands, Celine was walking towards Rachel, when she bumped into Lydia, who was still standing in the corner and quietly observing Rachel and Daniel. Celine hadn't met Lydia before, so she didn't know that this beautiful woman over there was actually her.

Celine had a naturally loud voice.

ed at Joanna.

"Mom, please help me take care of Joyce. I'm going to take a shower." Rachel gave Joanna the perfect reason to stay longer, knowing that the granny would enjoy a bit more time spent with her adorable granddaughter. Then she put down her cell phone on the tea table and took a glimpse at Lydia, who was sitting on the sofa.

"Okay," Joanna replied happily without any hesitation.

Lydia smiled and said,"Rachel, don't worry. Mom and I are here. We can take care of Joyce."

Rachel did her best to smile naturally to Lydia. Then she took her bath robe and walked towards the bathroom.

When she finished her shower and came out of the bathroom, she said goodbye to Joanna and Lydia.

Then Rachel played with Joyce for a little while, but since the girl was very tired of the long day, she fell asleep soon after.

Rachel wasn't going to wait for Hiram to arrive, as he had called her at dinner time, telling her that he would come back late.

However, just as she was getting ready to go to bed, someone knocked on the door.

"Good evening, ma'am. I have a message for you. A Mr. Zhuo asked if you could go to Orchid Garden and meet him there at ten."

Rachel furrowed her eyebrows. A Mr. Zhuo? Daniel Zhuo?

"Did he mean today or tomorrow?"

"Oh, he meant today. It's nine thirty now. He said that he would be there on time. It is urgent," said the waiter.

"Okay, I got it. Thank you."

The door was closed. Leaning against it on the inside, she touched her hair. A confusion spread around her body, like an overflowing river. Now?

Why hadn't he said anything to her during the day? How come he dared to ask her out now? Was he out of his mind?!

Was there really something that urgent that he couldn't wait till tomorrow?

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