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   Chapter 298 Special Way Of Waking Up

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Jill nodded her head upon seeing Rachel. She embarrassedly evaded her gaze and then continued pacing back and forth before the door. It seemed that she was waiting for someone.

Rachel let go of Hiram's arm and asked him to go first. She turned to the man who was happily talking in his group and called him in a soft voice,"Daniel."

The man turned around upon hearing his name and found that it was Rachel who called him. It was then that he noticed Rachel pointing at Jill and his expression changed immediately.

"Ah, Chad? Can we share a bed tonight?" Daniel asked Chad for help. He remembered saying 'See you tonight, ' to Jill carelessly earlier today. Who would have thought that Jill would take what he said seriously?

"Don't even think about it! Imagine two big guys squeezing in one bed. How dare you come up with such a ridiculous idea?" Chad refused Daniel without any hesitation. As Daniel lived in another hotel, he must passed the door to go back later.

However, Daniel refused to give up and asked again,"Chad, just do me a favor. How about I pay the room charge?"

Chad's gaze moved from Daniel to the woman who was standing next to the door. He was already smiling mischievously when he turned back to Daniel and said,"Why are you avoiding her, Daniel? Is it better to date a big guy like me than a lady like her?"

Despite the annoyance, Daniel still managed to smile. "I prefer staying with you than dating with her. Just give me an answer. Would you accept me or not? I will sleep in the corridor if you refuse me."

It was Daniel's mistake to have a one-night stand with Jill before. In all honesty, it was something he wished to forget. 'I'll be a legendary scumbag if I sleep with her again!'

Meanwhile, Rachel had already returned to the hotel suite. She put Joyce on the bed and started taking off her clothes and shoes.

After doing these, she wiped Joyce's face and little feet with a wet warm towel and finished off by tucking her child carefully to bed.

"Don't you want to enjoy more time with them?" Rachel asked Hiram who had been standing beside her while watching her quietly.

"Daniel left to find a place to hide since he can't leave the hotel without being seen by Jill. It was only Chad and Gary who were left and I don't think that we have anything in common that we could talk about," Hiram said as he put his cigarette case down. He wanted to smoke but seeing his sleeping child made him think the otherwise. Rather, he walked to the sofa and sat.

"There is a construction site I have to inspect tomorrow afternoon. Thus, I can hang out with you in the morning. How about we let Dad and Mom look after Joyce so we can be alone with each other? What do you think?" he said after thinking for a while.

They were supposed to have a relaxing vacation until the government got into their plans. The government hoped to inspect the construction site together with Hiram since he was there. All those unwanted twists gave him less time to spend with Rachel.

Rachel thought of what he said and walked over to sit next to him. "Well, okay then. I have wanted to go on the cliff for some time. It's just that it would be hard to

e annoyance on Daniel's voice was so thick that it was dripping from his words. He didn't know what happened to that woman. Jill used to pester Hiram but she seemed to have changed her mind lately and started running after him now.

"Why don't you just tell her clearly? I heard that you are already in a relationship. It's going to be very easy to explain why you can not accept her," Rachel suggested. She heard from Gary that Daniel had a girlfriend.

Daniel lit up a cigarette and sat on the bench next to her. "I have told her that but it didn't work at all. She has determined to badger me until I change my mind. I don't want to make troubles for myself and the best I can do is to avoid her.

Luckily, this place is complex enough. I lost her after turning several corners."

He made a quick puff on his cigarette, then talked again in a calmer tone. "Forget about her. We didn't talk too much yesterday. How were you in the past few years?" Daniel changed the topic and then continued to smoke. He looked at Rachel who was reading the scenery article that was printed on a signboard just before them.

Rachel looked back at him and answered,"Me? I'm well."

"Very good then," Daniel said affectionately. "You know what? You are the most beautiful scenery I've seen in my whole life. I really hope for your beauty to last forever."

"But I will get old just like everyone else. No one would stay young and pretty forever." A gentle smile cracked Rachel's lips before she teasingly said,"Oh, how about you and your girlfriend? Have you already chosen a date for your wedding?"

Daniel looked away from Rachel instantly after hearing her. "Not too bad. We still get along well. Maybe we will get married. I don't really know. I'm just letting nature take its course. If we break up, fine. I'm used to being single anyway since I had been single for the longest time."

Rachel sighed as she wondered about his answer.

'There are a lot of women who are throwing themselves at Daniel. It shouldn't be a problem for him to find a decent woman. So what's the matter? Why can't he find...'

"Watch out!"

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