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   Chapter 297 As Gentle As Always

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"What are you talking about? Didn't you just see what I did? Rachel was with Jonny. It was only the two of them walking alone, and Hiram is busy. I was just trying to be helpful and a gentleman. Please, Gary, don't make something out of nothing," Daniel said. He placed his hands in his pockets and walked into the hotel.

Thinking of what Daniel said, Gary scratched the back of his head. Daniel's excuse was not convincing to him at all. He was convinced that Daniel still had feelings for Rachel, and with good reason.

Rachel and Jonny boarded the bus. They were on their way to a place where Fannie would meet them.

On the bus, Rachel saw Fannie from a distance. She was standing outside a restaurant, waiting for them. When Fannie finally saw Rachel and Jonny get off the bus, she immediately ran towards them and shouted,"Rach! Jonny! I've been expecting you! I missed you so much!"

Fannie lifted her grandson off the ground. As a three-year-old boy, Jonny was gaining quite some weight. He wasn't easy to carry anymore and especially, not for an old woman. However, Fannie was so excited that she didn't even feel the weight of the boy until they reached the restaurant.

"Hi, Rachel." Carl smiled at Rachel and said,"Did Chad do a good job taking care of you and Hiram? If not, then I will be sure to tell Hiram and ask him to leave immediately!"

Since Carl was transferred to work in the branch of the company two years ago, he barely went back to H City. Even though he wasn't protecting Rachel and her children anymore, he was still concerned about them at all times.

Just a few days ago, Carl received a phone call from his cousin, Hiram. It made him extremely excited, as Hiram wanted him to come back and work at the head office.

Carl was transferred to manage the reins in the branch company, where employees had to obey his every order. Even though he gained power, he still wished that he could return to work in the headquarters. He got used to spending a lot of time with Hiram and Rachel.

Carl always felt that he was born to be a protector. He didn't think it was a bad occupation in any manner. In fact, he enjoyed it tremendously.

"Well, to be honest, compared to Chad, I like you more. He's been with Hiram every day and didn't spend any time with me. However, there's no need to worry. When you come back, things will be back to normal again. I hope you will come to help me out, as per usual. I promise you that it will be worth it!" Rachel responded with a laugh.

"Okay, Rachel. I will always follow you and protect you!" Carl made himself clear. He made a declaration of his devotion to Rachel and Hiram, which he took very seriously.

Rachel spent the entire afternoon with Fannie and Jonny. There were many recreational facilities, which were free for the first few days. They really enjoyed their time. The Cliff Mountain was huge. So much so, that one would require more days to view all of the sites.

Leaving the sightseeing tunnel, Jonny couldn't repress his excitement. He thoroughly enjoyed himself to the point that he kept asking his mom,"Mom, did dad really build this? He is brilliant!"

"Of course he did. Your dad is a genius! LoveJs is just the tip of the iceberg. He owns lots of projects. There are many ic

ome, mommy?"

Joyce asked her mom. She held up some grapes in her little hand and wanted to place them in Rachel's mouth.

"No, thank you. Those grapes were given to you by Uncle Daniel. He will feel very unhappy if you don't eat them." Rachel smiled and pushed Joyce's hands away politely. She lifted her daughter off the ground and walked towards the group.

Rachel sat down with Joyce in her arms. There were four men in the room, including Chad. They were talking about some type of technique. Thanks to two months worth of work, Rachel understood some of what they were talking about, which saved her from feeling like an idiot and just sitting in silence.

Soon, Joyce grew bored. She turned her face away and into her mother's chest. She then continued to yawn. After a long day, she must be exhausted and sleepy.

"Joyce, it's pretty late. Time to go sleep. Shall we?" Rachel patted her daughter as she stood up.

Joyce nodded and leaned her head against her mother's shoulder.

Rachel said to Hiram,"Take your time. I'm going to take Joyce back to the room. She's tired and going to sleep now."

Hearing what Rachel said, Hiram stood up with her. He said to his wife in a soft voice,"She's getting heavier. Let me take her. I'm sending you back first, and then I will join them later." Finishing his sentence, Hiram took Joyce from Rachel.

"Daniel, see how thoughtful Hiram is! He's always so sweet, isn't he? No wonder there is an endless number of women that are still eager to marry him." Gary couldn't help but start to laugh. He knew that Hiram was vigorous and strict in business. However, now he seemed to be so considerate, which was only because of his wife, Rachel.

Daniel looked at Rachel and Hiram, laughed and responded,"Well, of course, he is. Mrs. Rong made a good choice in marrying him."

"Well then, Daniel. If you treat your potential wives well, people will say the same things about you too!" Rachel scolded them with a smile. She then pulled on Hiram's arm and followed him to the elevator.

On the way to the elevator, she saw Jill through the glass gate. She was hovering outside the hotel. 'What was she doing here at this hour?'

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