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   Chapter 296 Meeting Daniel Again

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At first, Rachel thought that she had nothing to do with all of these interviews. That was why she decided that it was okay to just enjoy herself at the event and take photos. She never expected that people would actually be interested in or set their eyes on her. Looking at his wife, who seemed as though she was caught up in hesitation, Hiram left the twins on stage and ran over to her. He reached out his hands to her.

Without giving Rachel time to refuse him, Hiram dragged her on stage and spoke into the microphone. "This is my wife, and she should be the one to stand up here instead of me. However, she told me that she didn't deserve it because she quit after completing her part in the project. What I mean to say is that the most distinct architecture here today, was designed by none other than her. Ladies and gentlemen, the Cliff Hotel!"

Just as Hiram finished, the audience and press turned energetic and talked among each other.

"I never knew that Mrs. Rong kept her counsel!"

"Yes, me neither! I paid a visit to the Cliff Hotel the other day and wrote an exclusive report on it. The architecture is unique and accompanied by a wonderful design. I've been trying to figure out who designed it ever since I came back!"

"Well, of course! Think about who Hiram Rong is! I believe that his wife must be quite special. And just look now. It surely shows."

"Can everyone please take note of this? People, the rumors must be fake news. I can see that they're deeply in love with one another, and look at their adorable little twins! Now, that's a happy family right there. What woman would have an affair with another man, if she has Hiram Rong as her husband? That's utterly ridiculous!"

"Yes, I agree with you! We shouldn't believe anything that gets posted online. If you don't see it for yourself, there's no point in believing it!"

Standing on the stage, Rachel felt extremely uncomfortable. The spotlight was bright and made her feel dizzy.

She took the twins' hands and stepped down from the stage. She only left the stage because Hiram nodded in her direction to do so.

When they finally found a place to stand, Joanna came over and said smilingly," Jonny and Joyce said that they wanted to stay with you and Hiram today. They ran so fast that I couldn't catch them. I never expected that you two would run up on the stage!

Alright, now people from all over the country knows what you look like!"

Holding Jonny in her arms, Rachel responded with a smile," Mom, my mom is here too, and I want to go visit her with Jonny."

Joanna responded to Rachel with surprise," Really? Why not invite Fannie over and ask her to stay with us?"

Before she finished her words, she realized that her husband didn't want to see Fannie whats

ldn't believe that Jill had become a master at seducing men like Daniel after four years.

"Daniel, I have to say that you've always been an attractive man to women. You can always find a woman to sleep with everywhere!" Gary said jealously.

"Stop it! Once was more than enough for me to sleep with her, and I won't force myself to do it again!" Daniel said coldly. It was never his intention of sleeping with Jill ever again. The only thing he wanted was to get rid of her now.

"Oh, why not? You never know, perhaps you'll have a different experience with her now than before? Besides, it's not like you to refuse a woman that throws herself at you!" Gary patted him on his shoulder and continued," Relax now. Your girlfriend is not around, so feel free to be yourself!"

Rachel saw the two of them talking as if she wasn't there, and said," Are you done here?

I thought you'd changed after four years! See you later. I'm going to my mom now."

She took Jonny's hand and walked away from Daniel.

Daniel pushed Gary aside and ran up to her, asking," This place is huge, and it'll take you hours to walk to your mother. How about you let me drive you and little Jonny there?"

Rachel turned towards him and pointed to the sightseeing bus ahead. She then replied," Here, I'll take the bus. It's convenient and can take me where I want to go. See you!'

"Okay then, see you!" Daniel said and nodded. At that moment, his face turned pale.

He turned around after Rachel and Jonny got on the bus and found Gary looking at him strangely.

"Daniel, it has been four years and what? You aren't able to get over her yet!" Gary sighed and shook his head. It seemed as though Daniel was the most promiscuous of them all.

However, no one knew that he was the most faithful one. He didn't just have a crush on Rachel, but he loved her.

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