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   Chapter 295 Example Is Better Than Perception

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With eyebrows slightly tensed, Hiram looked at Rachel, who was standing still, and asked,"Did you bring any fairy tale books with you?"

"Yes," Rachel said and had a look through the untidy backpack, which was filled with the kids' toys. Then she took out two books. The blue one was for Jonny and the pink one for Joyce.

Jonny liked stories that were filled with adventure, while Joyce enjoyed tales about princesses.

Hiram took the blue one and opened it to read a story. He then looked up and noticed Rachel still standing on the same spot. Looking at her, he asked,"Why don't you go take a shower, Rachel?"

It took Rachel a second to get out of the trance she was in. She then replied with a smile,"Well, I don't want to miss out on the stories now. Children's books are so interesting."

Hearing what his mom suggested, Jonny got up from the bed. "Mommy, why don't you just take a bath quickly. Then, when you come back, we can listen to dad reading the stories together."

"Okay! That sounds like a good plan." Rachel laughed and turned away from them to walk towards the bathroom.

Rachel was quite curious about what story Hiram would tell Jonny, as she had never seen him do it before. Filled with excitement, she had a quick shower and went back into the bedroom.

She noticed that Jonny was sleeping, and Hiram was looking at the computer on his lap. Hiram looked up at her and said,"Why are you in such a hurry today? Do you really want to listen to me telling stories?"

Rachel walked towards the bed with disappointment in her eyes and lay down next to Hiram.

"How about I tell you another story then?" Noticing how frustrated Rachel was, Hiram chuckled and suggested humorously.

To his surprise, Rachel nodded her head with anticipation. She turned towards Hiram and showed a great interest in his willingness to tell her a story. She pleaded,"Any story is fine with me. How about the story about the pirate ship? That's Jonny's favorite one, remember?"

Hiram was slightly shocked by Rachel's immense interest in listening to him tell stories. He examined her face. She was sitting comfortably, but looked quite serious. "Do you really want to hear that one? I'm curious whether you would still be interested if I told you an adult story?"

Sitting cross-legged on her bed, Rachel bit her lip mischievously. "Wow, that sounds much better! Go ahead."

Since Jonny was already asleep, it wouldn't matter if Hiram told her stories that were inappropriate for children to hear.

"However, I prefer to do the talking." Hiram suddenly

kids came into the audience's sight.

Jonny and Joyce, who were supposed to be with their grandparents, to everyone's surprise, ran onto the stage and scampered on the red carpet along the way. They looked like they were about to perform themselves.

"Jonny!" Seeing these two kids running onto the stage, Rachel hastily made her way through the reporters and waved to her two little children on stage. "Jonny and Joyce! You two, come down here!"

After getting on the stage, Joyce ran directly towards Hiram and held his leg. She called Hiram in her sweet little voice,"Dad!"

The speech was interrupted by the arrival of Jonny and Joyce. Surprised by them, Hiram suspended his speech and looked at his daughter who was holding his leg. A gentle smile appeared on his charming face, which strayed his attention away from the serious talk he was giving a minute ago.

He bent over and held Joyce and Jonny in his arms.

"Pardon me, Mr. Rong. Are these two kids your twins?" the reporters quickly rushed up to Hiram and asked him with a microphone upon seeing what happened.

"Yes, they're my son and daughter, Jonny and Joyce. The title of the LoveJs Project reflects my love for my wife and children. I hope that my family, like the LoveJs Project, will remain safe and sound for the rest of my life,"

Hiram replied, looking at Rachel who was standing at the side of the stage. His dark eyes were filled with love and tenderness, just like the bright and sparkling fireworks that were set earlier.

The reporters off the stage then also noticed Rachel. One of them walked towards her and asked,"Mrs. Rong, could you please come onto the stage? We would like to take a photo of your whole family."

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