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   Chapter 294 Setting Off For LoveJs

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Every time the children reacted the same way. Even if they had been away from Rachel for just a little while, when they saw their mommy again, they acted as if she had been away for a long time.

"Baby, what's wrong?" asked Rachel, as she immediately lifted her son in her warm motherly embrace and playfully pinched his chubby cheeks.

"Nothing, Mommy. I just missed you so much," replied Jonny in a quiet voice and his hands wrapped around Rachel's neck tightly. Though he had grandparents by his side, he still longed to see Rachel, because he loved his sweet mommy the most.

Rachel could do nothing but take her boy to the sofa in the living room and try to console him. "Well, Jonny, it has been such a short time I was away. Why did you get to miss me so quickly?"

Lydia, who was standing next to them, begrudged Rachel greatly when she saw her chatting affectionately with her son. Somehow miraculously Rachel had managed to receive everything in life on a silver tray, as though she was favored by God.

Not only did Rachel have an attractive husband, who was faithful, even despite the fact he had the ability to drive all women crazy for him, but also she had such a handsome son and an adorable daughter. Furthermore, even though she already had children, there were still so many excellent men who wanted to pursue Rachel and were dying to be with her.

Just like in a children's light-hearted play and without any effort at all, she had achieved everything the other women wished to own, but could never attain.

Time went by fast.

The opening ceremony of Cliff Mountain-LoveJs Project was approaching. It was to be held the next day. In order to get there, they had to travel one full day. Therefore, they headed on their trip one day earlier to ensure that the ceremony could take place on time.

In the white Benz recreation vehicle, Joyce and Jonny had been busy eating snacks and fruits and crawling back and forth on their seats since the moment they got in.

In this vehicle were travelling Rachel, Hiram and their two kids, while Gavin, Joanna, Lydia and the old butler, who accompanied the family, were in the other car, which was behind them.

Watching Joyce, who had never stopped moving and crawling on Hiram's leg, Rachel couldn't help but smile with pure adoration.

Fortunately, Hiram had suspended his business work for the time of the trip, so he didn't need to read those long and tedious documents on the road to LoveJs. Now he was just playing with their daughter freely. His eyes reflected love and tenderness and his sight was not as cold and strict as before. Their children brought Hiram a whole new emotional world, a universe of warmth. simplicity, and profound happiness that only family and togetherness could give.

In the meantime, Jonny was sitting quietly at Rachel's side and reading his comic books. Though there were so many words he didn'

xpected themselves to be the center of the issue.

Sitting nearby with frowned eyebrows, Hiram turned to his son and replied in a cold tone,"Because your mommy is my wife. If you marry a girl in the future, you can sleep with her too."

"Ha-ha-ha... Hiram, Jonny, you are so funny!" Joanna couldn't refrain from laughing, as her little grandson was so cute and amusing.

"Joyce, would you like to sleep with me? Your grandpa misses you so much. Let's go, okay?" asked Joanna after she bent down towards Joyce and held her softly by the hand.

At first Joyce put a frown on her pretty little face, pouting, but then she shifted her sight to Rachel. Seeing that her mommy nodded to her, she agreed reluctantly,"Alright, I'll go to sleep with grandma today. But Jonny must do that tomorrow."

"Well, okay, you clever little girl." Joanna grinned contently from ear to ear. Then she held Joyce's small hand with care and the two of them left the room.

As soon as his sister and his grandma went out, Jonny could finally set his mind at ease with a sigh of relief. Then he quickly took off his shoes and got on the bed, requesting,"Mommy, could you tell me stories?"

But looking at her son with hands on her hips, Rachel explained calmly,"Jonny, I was busy with bathing you and Joyce until now, so I haven't had any chance to take a shower and relax. Please, ask your daddy to do that for you when he finishes his work, okay?"

Silently nudging his small lips, Jonny turned to his daddy, who looked awfully busy and fully immersed in reading the procedure for tomorrow's ceremony.

As Hiram heard Rachel's voice, he closed his laptop immediately and walked to Jonny. "I'll tell you stories. Your mommy needs to take a shower."

"Okay. But Daddy, are you sure you can really tell stories?" questioned Jonny, confused. He had never heard any stories from his daddy, so he couldn't help but feel very suspicious about all that.

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