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   Chapter 293 The Big Family

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The Rong family house.

"Grandpa! Grandma!" Joyce and Jonny shouted in one voice.

Immediately the face of Joanna beamed with happiness. She stepped towards her grandchildren, coming in the house. "My cutie pies! Come closer! Let me take a better look. You have been growing taller in just a few days!"

The twins ran past Rachel. Jonny hurried towards Joanna, while Joyce rushed to Gavin who was just going down the stairs.

"Dad, Mom!" Rachel greeted them softly in her sweet voice. Walking behind her, Hiram came in too, as he handed the stuff in his hands to the housekeeper.

Lifting Joyce, who was running to him, Gavin walked to the couch in the living room and exclaimed with uncovered satisfaction,"My Joyce is getting more and more beautiful with every single day! Call 'Grandpa' a few more times!"

"Okay, Grandpa, Grandpa..." called Joyce, while holding onto Gavin's neck and acting a bit like a spoiled child.

"Hiram, is the opening ceremony of Cliff Mountain-LoveJs Project going to be held in two days?" asked Gavin, while gently padding Joyce's smooth pigtails in the meantime.

"Yes. It will take place next Monday,"

Hiram replied fast and glanced dreamily at Rachel. They walked towards the couch with his hand gently wrapping around her shoulder.

After she gave a quick glimpse at Gavin, who barely looked at her, Rachel shifted her attention to the other side of the room. Over there, Joanna, her mother-in-law, was holding Jonny in her arms and talking sweetly to him.

Actually, since the previous unhappy meeting between Gavin and Fannie, Rachel had changed her attitude towards Gavin. Her opinion of him had hit bottom.

Even if there had been unpleasant things happening in the past between the two families, they had already become one family.

At the beginning Gavin had considered Rachel's feelings. But as more time passed, he gradually disregarded them. The honor, which was the only thing she had in this family, was almost gone.

Fannie had wanted to help Rachel take care of her babies after they were born. Nevertheless, because of Gavin's attitude, Fannie had never stayed in H City for more than three days every time she came to visit them. Of course when the babies were still little, she did stay longer. But as soon as she found out that Rachel's parents-in-law would come to visit, Fannie would go home one day before their expected arrival, just so they wouldn't bump into each other.

Rachel knew well that Fannie didn't want Gavin to feel unhappy when he saw her, which would affect the relationship between Rachel and the other members of the Rong family.

For the upcoming trip to Cliff Mountain, Rachel had planned to take Fan

rivilege to have grandchildren. It would be unfair if she was stripped off her right to spend time with the little ones.

"Hiram, Rachel?"

Lydia came over and asked them to have lunch downstairs. As she saw the door open, she entered without knocking. Walking in just at the moment of their loving kiss, she froze for a quick second. But immediately after she pulled herself together, she smiled and said,"It's so good to see you're still deeply in love. Lunch is ready. Everyone is expecting you."

"Okay, we'll be downstairs soon," Hiram replied. But he didn't have any intention to loose Rachel from his arms.

Lydia closed the door. When she was already outside the room, her smile had lost its lukewarm shine. She headed downstairs without wasting any time.

She hadn't expected that they were still that close and intimate after being together for four years. Their marriage seemed indestructible.

More than that, Rachel had given birth to a lovely boy and a beautiful girl. Hiram loved, spoiled and lavished her with attention. Rachel's status in this family seemed steadfast.

"Auntie Lydia?" As Jonny watched Lydia going down the stairs, his head tilted to the side and he asked,"Where are mom and dad? I don't see them downstairs."

"Jonny, they're coming soon. Let's go and have some fruit first, okay?" Lydia was warmly looking at Jonny who took after Hiram so much. She was very fond of Jonny.

Some time ago, she liked to fantasize that she and Hiram would have two babies one day. And in her daydreams, her boy would look just like Jonny, an adorable little gentleman.

"Okay!" Even though Jonny nodded, his gaze was still focused on the stairs. When he saw someone coming down, he immediately pulled his hand out of Lydia's and started to run to Rachel!


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