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   Chapter 292 Honey, I Trust You

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"Hiram, are we just staying outside the hotel?" Chad was confused. He couldn't figure out why Hiram asked to be driven to that hotel but didn't want to go in the hotel.

Hiram was just sitting in the backseat of his car silently with his eyes focusing on the entrance of H City's hotel.

The sky was getting darker and the street lights were already lit up.

Nonetheless, Hiram's stare at the entryway remained immovable as he watched a good number of people come in and out of the hotel.

As clever as he was, he already had a clue about what could happen if he would enter that hotel.

It was not impossible for this situation to be a trap. Moreover, he couldn't afford for them to be in the news headlines tomorrow. What would they say? Would they broadcast that he found his wife having sex with Patrick over national TV? In that case, Rachel would be in jeopardy.

As much as he wanted to react, his hands were tied and all he could do was to wait.

Meanwhile, inside the hotel, Patrick and Rachel were still sitting at a table as if everything was just normal. Red table cloth and red wine on the side, who could have thought that the situation wasn't as light as it looked?

"You can go." It was Patrick's voice that took Rachel's attention from staring blankly at the table. An empty laugh escaped from her chest as she raised her glass of wine and clinked it to Patrick's glass. "Toast! Thank you for letting me know how much my husband trusts me, Mr. Yan. Plus, thank you for letting me know your true color as well."

She emptied her glass in one gulp and then put it back on the table.

She quickly took her handbag, pushed her chair away from the table and then walked out of that place as fast as she could.

It was only after Rachel left that Patrick reached for his glass and bottomed it up. He bitterly smiled as he put his glass down and thought, 'Damn it! I underestimated you, Hiram. You are odd to nature. How could you tolerate the fact that your woman had spent so much time with another man? Wasn't it too much to put up with?'

On the other hand, Rachel didn't hail a cab when she got out of the hotel. Rather, she decided to walk back home.

It took her almost two hours to reach the Tulip Palace.

She had no idea

that a Benz had been following her discreetly on her way home. It sped up and left as soon as Rachel stepped into their gate.

Joyce and Jonny were already sleeping when she entered their home. She was dragging her feet on her way upstairs as the walk made her tired. Carefully, she opened the door of their bedroom and saw Hiram sitting on their bed while reading a book. He looked comfortable in his pajamas, relaxed even.

Rachel's plan was to take her bathrobe and get a shower. However, her tired steps automatically halted upon seeing Hiram. She was suddenly frozen as mixed emotions attack

have to do something since Patrick has kept challenging me and making troubles for us. This can't go. Don't blame me if I become ruthless."

Hiram lowered his voice. He had made up his mind. Patrick might have a strong and powerful background now but Hiram wouldn't allow him to create more problems.

He would no longer tolerate Patrick if he chose to challenge him again. Moreover, the decision was not just limited to Patrick, he would crush whoever dared to provoke him again and again.

Hiram had thought of just letting Preston slip away and giving another chance to Patrick. However, there was no need for those anymore.

Rachel didn't say a word in regard to what Hiram said. She just silently hugged him by his waist. She was crying and Hiram could feel how her tears soaked his chest through his shirt. Only after going through such a thing did she understand how serious and troublesome it was.

Their marriage could have ended if Hiram hadn't done the right thing.

Worse, Patrick's scheme might have become a stigma in her life that she wouldn't be able to do anything about.

Patrick had set up all things. He asked James to keep an eye on the entrance. They had planned to take Rachel to a hotel room immediately once Hiram came in. By then, what Hiram would see wouldn't be Rachel and Patrick simply having dinner.

Although nothing happened between her and Patrick, Rachel knew that being seen inside a hotel room with another man would cause consequences she wouldn't be able to correct. She knew that better than anyone else.

"Alright, stop crying. You're my wife. Of course, I trust you! And I can assure you that he will never have the opportunity to do such a thing again!" Hiram said and held Rachel in his arms. His eyes were gloomy.

Patrick might have thought that the Rong family wasn't as powerful as his.

Too bad for him. He underestimated the Rong family.

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