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   Chapter 291 A Crisis of Confidence

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"Who are you?"

Hiram asked, furrowing his eyebrows. Why wasn't this person using his real voice?

"It doesn't matter who I am. What really matters is whom your wife is with right now," came the reply.

"What do you mean?" Hiram asked, becoming alert. He looked at the phone number again, but it wasn't one he was familiar with.

"I know you trust your wife. But can you trust Patrick? They're together in a hotel now, only the two of them. What if… What if something really happens between Rachel and Patrick? Then the fake news will become the truth."

"Who the hell are you? I don't care if you're not using your real voice. I can still find you!" Hiram growled.

But he was met with a beeping sound; the anonymous caller had hung up.

Hiram's eyes clouded over with anger.

"Chad, help me trace this number and find out who it belongs to."

It seemed this stranger was trying to drive a wedge between Hiram and Rachel, but it wasn't going to be that easy.

Hiram checked his watch. It was four in the afternoon, and he had talked to Rachel on the phone only two hours ago.

But now Rachel was with Patrick?

How could that be possible? What was going on?

Five minutes later, Hiram decided to call Rachel.

The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered it.

Hiram kept thinking about that anonymous phone call. If that stranger had had the nerve to call Hiram and say such things, it meant that he must have seen or heard something.

It was said that suspicion was like a small flame. All one had to do was fan it and it would turn into a blazing fire in no time.

And that stranger who had modified his voice was trying to fan this flame. But just as Hiram was thinking about this, Chad walked in.

"Mr. Rong, I got news. Our people saw Rachel enter the H City Hotel with Patrick an hour ago and they're still there,"

he reported in a low voice.

Hiram, who was sitting on his chair, furrowed his eyebrows and closed his eyes. After a long pause, he stood up and said to Chad,"Go to the parking lot and get the car. Wait for me downstairs."

"Yes, Mr. Rong." Chad sighed inwardly, wishing that the anonymous caller was lying.

During the past week, Patrick had been well-behaved and had stopped bothering Rachel. So what was wrong now? Had he made up his mind to fight Hiram and make trouble for him?

In the dining hall on the first floor of the H City Hotel...

"Patrick, did you ask someone to publish that news article? Is that your way of thanking me?" When Rachel had received a call fr

d with anxiety. They'd been waiting for so long now.

However, no one appeared at the entrance of the hotel even after such a long time.

As they waited, Patrick kept knocking on the table. He was confused. Any man who heard that his wife was with another man would definitely do something about it. How come Hiram wasn't doing anything? Patrick couldn't figure it out.

"Patrick, I think our relationship has survived your test! It's getting late now. I'm leaving!" Rachel said, giving Patrick a cold look.

"Wait just one more minute. I have a feeling that he's coming now," said Patrick. He still had hope that Hiram would come to the hotel.

He couldn't believe that Hiram would be okay with Rachel being alone with him, especially after the recent news article.

"Patrick Yan, I've had enough of you!" Rachel yelled furiously. Finally losing her patience, she knocked all the dishes onto the floor. She hadn't touched even one of them.

The loud crash of the dishes hitting the floor echoed throughout the big and luxurious dining hall.

Patrick grabbed the tablecloth to protect his face from oil just in time.

He stood up and walked towards Rachel, then he grabbed her arms and smiled at her. "You know what, Rachel? I love seeing you angry. Compared to the time when you smiled at me politely without taking me seriously, you're much more interesting and attractive now!"

'Jesus!' Rachel thought. She now definitely knew that he was insane.

She furrowed her eyebrows at Patrick, who was so entertained that he burst into laughter, frightening her.

Outside the H City Hotel...

a black Benz had been parked on the roadside for a long time without driving away.

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