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   Chapter 289 Negotiation

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Rachel went upstairs to check on Joyce. Her little girl was fast asleep with a doll in her arms.

Jonny wanted to sleep in his mom's room but was rejected by Hiram. He didn't even consider the suggestion. Jonny had to go back to his room and sleep alone, even though he was unwilling to.

Two calm days passed.

At H City International Airport

Lydia arrived and walked out of the terminal with her luggage. Gavin picked her up, and they went back to Rong's house together.

Rachel didn't know that Lydia was back until her daughter said,"Mom, Auntie Lydia came over today. She brought us toys and a lot of snacks!"

When Rachel got home, Joyce told her about it while pointing to the toys that were piled up in the living room.

"Auntie Lydia?" Suddenly, Rachel was reminded that Hiram told her that Gavin had asked Lydia to come home from the United States.

However, she didn't know when Lydia would arrive.

"Yes! Our auntie is very beautiful, although she kept saying that I was much prettier than her!" Joyce said with a big grin on her face.

Rachel seemed speechless for a moment. She didn't know how to explain something like this to an innocent girl of only three years old. So, she forced a slight smile. "Oh? Well, dear, that's because you are really pretty," Rachel said.

"Mom, do you know what I think? I think that you are prettier than Auntie Lydia. My mom is the prettiest mom in the entire world!" Joyce pouted and said with a serious look on her face.

Rachel felt touched and bent over to stroke Joyce's cheeks. "Why, thank you, sweetie. In my eyes, you are the most beautiful daughter in the world."

Lydia came to Tulip Palace when Rachel wasn't at home. It seemed like she didn't want to meet Rachel.

There was obviously something that Rachel wasn't aware of.

After she left Tulip Palace, Lydia didn't go straight to the Rong's house. She instead went to meet someone.

In Patrick's office, Patrick stared at this beautiful woman in front of him and struggled to move his gaze away from her. He had never met her before, but because she had asked to meet him and addressed him disrespectfully by name, he somehow felt curious. Patrick was known for messing around with many women before, but he didn't remember this beauty, who seemed quite unique and intriguing.

"Hello there, beauty. What can I do for you?" Patrick sat cross-legged, looking at this mysterious, beautiful young woman in front of him.

When Lydia first saw him, she somehow felt surprised by his presence, as she thought that he would come across as a player. She then realized that it was indeed not the case.

He was very good looking and seemed quite charming. Perhaps what attracted her the most was his energy and muscular look. She knew tha

ny in the afternoon. She felt as though she was successful and fulfilled each day.

Her days were filled with peace and happiness

until the afternoon.

At RaR Company

In the office, Rachel was talking on the phone while taking notes.

Celine knocked on her office door and walked in. Since Rachel was busy, she sat in the chair across the table and waited for her. Her expression was quite serious.

After hanging up the phone, Rachel looked at her notes. While she was organizing them, she threw a glance at Celine and asked,"What's up, Celine? Why do you look so serious?"

Celine sighed and took out her phone. She proceeded to a website and placed the phone in front of Rachel,"You may check this. It went live this morning. What's going on?"

Rachel then lifted her head to look at the phone in Celine's hands. Immediately, she grabbed it and started reading the text carefully.

"Rach, this is obviously fake news. You were working in the company these past two days. However, it says that you were having dinner with Patrick yesterday afternoon! This photo must have been altered. I can't believe how people could enjoy making trouble for us!

They just reported your happy and peaceful life with Hiram a few days ago, but now they are spreading false news about you with such bullshit. They have stepped over the line!"

Celine said with resentment. Everyone in the company saw that Rachel didn't leave the office until it was nearly dark outside. The dates in the news thus didn't match their story.

Rachel read the eye-catching headline: Hiram Rong's beloved wife is dating some other handsome guy, who is the boss of a company with a high social status.

Witnesses said that after they had dinner, they went to a hotel and spent the night together. They didn't leave until the small hours of the next morning.

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