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   Chapter 288 Enemy At Home

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Rachel was utterly surprised by his affectionate words. Thus, she quickly walked forward and looped her arms around his waist while saying,"Darling, don't be angry, okay? I'm all yours in this lifetime!"

Rachel remained to embrace him with her cheek against his chest. It was a few seconds later that her eyebrows suddenly furrowed upon remembering something. She had been in a phone call with Hiram earlier, how come he didn't tell her that he would come? "By the way, why did you come here today?"

Hiram gazed at Rachel for a short while and then began walking one step at a time towards the riverside. He was still holding Rachel by her shoulder when he uttered,"My father wants Lydia to return home. My people told me that she had ordered a ticket. She will be arriving here in a couple of days."

His words gradually made Rachel's pace slow down. She wasn't able to stop herself from turning to Hiram. Just the mere sound of Lydia's name could bring discomfort to her as if the incident had just happened yesterday.

"It doesn't matter. She will come back from abroad sooner or later, right? She's a grown-up person and you are her brother. How could she choose to stay abroad all her life?"

Rachel sighed after saying these words as a weak smile cracked her lips. She knew that she couldn't dodge these things as these were bound to happen.

Honestly, she was considering Lydia as her most remarkable disaster. The lady was seriously the worst to deal with.

Shirley and all the other girls were nothing compared to Lydia. Hiram could just simply pushed the others away and force them not to come back.

However, Lydia was the special one, and as unpleasing as it sounded, would always be the special one.

"Honey, I will protect you, okay? I will never let her hurt you again. I will not give her the chance to do that," Hiram sincerely said as he stared at his wife. It was true that never in this world would he let that happen again.


It was after dinner that they came back to the Tulip Palace.

Joyce was already asleep while Jonny was still drawing in the living room. Jonny's face instantly lit up upon seeing Rachel stepped in. He put his crayon down and ran to her while chanting,"Mommy! Mommy, you are back!"

The child's reaction made Rachel smile. She lifted her little boy up and playfully pinched his tiny ear. "Why aren't you sleeping yet, J

rcissistic than this?' she wondered silently.

"People always say that boys take after their mothers and girls take after their fathers. How come neither Joyce nor Jonny looks like me?"

The little child immediately jumped from sitting on his daddy's leg upon seeing his mother unhappy. His cute arms reached out to her and consoled her. "No, Jonny looks more like you, Mommy. I love you and I will stay with you and I will protect you forever and ever!"

However, Rachel was just faking to be sad and never expected to hear such words from Jonny. She was extremely moved by how sincere his son was. She bent over and kissed her son's cheek playfully. In reaction, Jonny puckered his mouth too to kiss her.

She was under the impression that Jonny would just kiss her on her cheek. Thus she held him closer to her face.

It was just that things happened in a different way!

To everybody's surprise, Jonny suddenly kissed her lips.

The air surrounding them automatically froze.

The next thing everybody knew was how Hiram caught Jonny by his collar angrily as he pulled the child to the second floor. "Go to your own room and sleep!

How dare you little tyke kiss my wife!' Hiram could hardly believe what he had seen.

He had tried his best to guard his belongings against external enemies but never had he thought that he had one enemy inside his family!

"Come on, Hiram! He is just three, okay? Be gentle! He is your son!" Rachel looked at them and burst out laughing. It was only after the two were gone that she lowered her head and put away the crayons on the table.

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