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   Chapter 287 Burning With Jealousy

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Hiram strode over. He snatched the rose from Rachel's hands and slammed them onto the floor. Grabbing Patrick's collar, he shouted angrily,"Patrick, what the fuck are you doing ?!"

Rachel was shocked and took a step back, looking at how angry and violent her husband was being.

Patrick was beginning to choke. He grasped Hiram on the wrist, which made him loosen his grip. He caught his breath again and said with a slight smile,"Calm down, Mr. Rong! I didn't do anything to Rachel except give her a flower. Relax, I'm not going to steal her away from you."

"Really? You expect me to believe that? Why didn't you give flowers to another woman then? It seems that someone needs to teach you a good lesson!" Hiram said through gritted teeth and a clenched jaw.

He understood what was going on. Patrick had been waiting for Rachel to give her the flower.

His intentions were clear.

'Just a flower? Does he think I'm an idiot?' Hiram thought. "Mr. Rong!

Do you want to start another fight? Come on! If you are a true man, just go ahead and show me what you can do,"

Patrick said, raising his head. He didn't seem to be afraid of fighting Hiram at all.

He had almost died last time, so nothing could scare him anymore. He had made his decision already.

Hiram frowned at him, and his hand balled into a fist.

Just then, there was a loud banging sound that echoed through the building.

Patrick had been knocked down by him with a blow.

Rachel took another step back. She couldn't believe they were actually fighting, and here of all places. She placed her hand on her chest, trying to calm her racing heart. She had rarely seen Hiram lose his temper like this, and she dared not to get closer to him.

"Listen, Patrick! Rachel is my wife, so you'd better keep your hands off of her! Stay away from her completely! Don't pull any of your tricks again!"

Hiram roared, starring at him angrily.

Patrick managed to stand up. He wiped the blood off his lips and straightened his collar, then looked at Rachel, who was in

by helping him.

But, nothing happened between us."

Watching her weep helplessly, Hiram knew she must be blaming herself now.

Rachel did blame herself. She felt that if she hadn't given Patrick the card, then he wouldn't have had feelings for her.

Hiram took a deep breath and pulled her close to him in a hug. "Honey, don't cry. I was really angry, but not at you. I know what kind of woman you are.

Patrick is trying to get revenge, and I was not expecting him to use you to do it.

He hit me in my weak spot,"

Hiram said, hugging her tightly. Since taking over his family business, he had experienced a lot of ups and downs, but he never used to lose his temper so easily.

Rachel took a deep breath and tears began to drop onto his shoulders. "Hiram, if we trust each other, then our relationship should be strong enough to withstand this," she said.

"I trust you. Don't cry. Please," Hiram said, trying to comfort her. He wiped away the tears from her face and continued,"I still haven't figured out exactly why I'm so crazy about you.

As soon as I found out another man was after you, I was so jealous that I lost all my self-control.

Honey, I really want to keep you away from other men, but I have no right to limit your freedom," he said.

Rachel saw deep love in his eyes. Did he behave that way all because he loved her?

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