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   Chapter 286 Patrick’s Magic

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Waiting for life's next move, as per usual.

The next day, inside the Streams Building, Hiram was walking out of the conference room after this morning's meeting when Ben, Hiram's assistant, passed his phone to him and said,"Mr. Rong, your father just called. He would like you to call back as soon as you can."

Hiram grabbed the phone and handed his laptop to Ben and said,"Take it to my office please."

Then he called Gavin as he walked down the hallway.

"Dad, good morning! You called me?" With the phone to his ear, he lit up a cigarette and stood on the balcony at the end of the hall.

"Morning, son! The morning meeting is over, right?" Gavin asked. He had promised Lydia yesterday that she could come back, and he thought he'd better tell his son about it.

Hiram narrowed his eyes and replied,"Yes, just a minute ago." He had heard what happened between Gavin and Fannie at the Tulip Palace yesterday through the grapevine, but not from Rachel.

He could tell that Rachel was upset, but he also knew that she didn't want him to get involved in this matter.

Rachel's father was dead and Fannie was her only parent. He understood how much she cared about her mother.

"Listen, Hiram, I want to talk about Lydia with you. I know, we all owe Rachel for the kidnapping that happened in the theater. But your sister has been staying in the USA for four years now, and I think she's more than compensated for what she did. Besides, you know your mother and I are getting old, and we want to see her while we still can. We want her to come back and stay with us and we hope that this won't be a problem," Gavin said.

He thought it was ruthless of Hiram to forbid Lydia to come back. He couldn't expect her to stay there the rest of her life when all of her family were here in China.

"Dad, if you and mom miss her, you can go to Washington together and stay with her for a while. It would be good, and it would give you and mom a chance to travel together," Hiram said after he took a long drag on his cigarette, wondering why Gavin wanted Lydia to come back now.

Gavin wasn't going to settle. He sighed and said earnestly,"Son, you know I couldn't leave Jonny and Joyce now. At my age, all I can think about is basking in the love of our family, and I don't feel a desire to travel much anymore. I want you to promise me that you won't make it difficult for Lydia when she's back.

Don't forget to talk to your wife. She is Lydia's sister-in-law and she should be nice to her. The past is in the past and we should look forward, right? We're family, and we should learn to love each other through everything!"

Hearing Gavin mentioning Rachel, Hiram couldn't help but break the cigarette into two, and his bright eyes instantly darkened.

After a long silence, he said,"Since mom and you miss her so much, I guess I can keep my cool. Well, she's a grown adult and it's t

to the stairs.

Taking a deep breath, Rachel looked at the man who had now shown up unexpectedly and undesirably twice in two days, and asked,"What are you doing, Mr. Yan? Don't tell me this is a coincidence!"

"I'm not claiming that it is. I am headed to my office, and I admit that I was waiting for you at the elevator. I was hoping I would run into you. But I didn't come all the way here just to see you! I also have work to do!" Patrick explained and shrugged when he noticed Rachel was angry.

Rachel glanced at him doubtfully and then said,"Okay, then hello and goodbye! I'm going home now, so please don't follow me."

Patrick's face broadened into a grin as he watched Rachel getting nervous. He reached out his hands to stop her.

"Don't be mad at me! Please!

Watch this!" Suddenly, a pink rose appeared in his hand, and Rachel could actually smell it.

"This is for you!"

Patrick said with a smirk as he tried to hand Rachel the flower.

Rachel hesitated as she was caught off guard by the gesture. She took the rose and checked if it was real. She wondered where he had been hiding it. 'Did he hide it in his sleeve?'

Seeing Rachel accept the rose, Patrick whistled in his head to himself and felt like this plan of his might not be hopeless after all.

When Rachel understood that it was just a trick of his, she wanted to return the flower to him, but Patrick wouldn't allow her to return it. "Come on! It's just a rose! And you'll embarrass me if you insist giving it back!" he said.

He couldn't help but smile. Even though she didn't seem to like it now, he felt deep down that it would work.

All he wanted to do was give her a rose.

Rachel, feeling awkward, was twirling the rose around in her hand trying to think of what she should do next.

As she nervously twirled the rose contemplating her next move, she heard footsteps. A tall and strongly-built man was walking toward them.

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