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   Chapter 285 A Quarrel

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Fannie was embarrassed,"Gavin, what are you talking about? We're from the same family. The Rong family and the Ruan family are both from the XH Village, which means that Jonny and Joyce are offspring of the XH Village. Why can't they go back and visit the village?

And Gavin, you go back to visit your childhood home all the time. I tell you what. No matter where you live or end up in life, your hometown will always be where your roots are and you have to go back there and visit it one day!"

Gavin snorted,"Then they should go back with me, their grandpa, instead of you. You're just their maternal grandma."

"Yeah and why exactly couldn't they go back with me? What are you trying to say, Gavin? You look down on me, because I'm poor! Am I right?" Fannie had a strong character and she didn't want to lose in this quarrel. She had been putting up with Gavin for Rachel's sake for the past two years, because she didn't want a huge family feud between the two families.

But Gavin's completely distasteful and immature behavior had gone too far and Fannie couldn't put up with him any longer!

"Rachel is my daughter and Jonny and Joyce are MY grandchildren. I don't understand why I can't take care of them. I don't see any problems! The only problem I see is you!"

To Gavin's surprise, Fannie had the nerve to argue with him. He became very angry. "You know what? My grandchildren can never be taken care of by someone as crazy as you! How about you stay in your XH Village and never come back here again!"

"Enough, Gavin!"

Seeing Gavin and Fannie shouting in front of the children, Joanna asked their servant to take the children downstairs immediately. Joanna grabbed Fannie's hands and said,"Don't be mad at Gavin, Fannie. He just loves them so much that now he won't go back to the US to work. And he hates to be apart from Jonny and Joyce, so the thought of them living in the village terrifies him. Therefore, when you mentioned you wanted to take them back with you to the XH Village, he freaked out. He's very unnerved and not thinking with a clear mind. Please don't take him too seriously right now!"

Joanna said while glaring at Gavin. After all, he and Fannie were relatives. It really would harm everyone if they hated one another.

Standing next to them during the altercation, Rachel had remained silent, feeling very mixed emotions. Seeing Fannie's pale face, Rachel's sadness was devastating.

"Dad, my mom's behavior was impetuous. Please don't take her words seriously and please don't be angry with her. Please, as a favor to me, Dad. I'll persuade her not to take the children back with her. Next time, I'll go back with

ty often of late.

However, because of Hiram, Lydia had no choice but to stay abroad year after year.

"Lydia, what makes you think that? Stop thinking about that nonsense. You're a daughter of the Rong family. You're the apple of my eye. You've already been in the U.S. for four years. Why can't you come back?" Gavin was even more determined to convince his daughter to move back after hearing her reasoning for staying.

"But… but I'm afraid that Rachel will be mad at me, Dad. Rachel did almost die because of me." Lydia bit her lips. If Rachel was mad at her, Hiram would never be kind to her and treat her well. Lydia knew that for certain.

But Gavin just shook his head and tried to smile. "I don't care how Rachel feels. She's the eldest sister-in-law and a member of the Rong family. She is supposed to be mature and tolerant. How could she restrict your freedom and not let you come back because of something so minuscule?

Alright! It's settled then. Go book the first ticket you can find. Come home to see your mom and me. As for your brother, I can handle him. You don't need to worry about him."

Lydia felt a rush of excitement and pure joy at the sound of Gavin's words. But she said worriedly,"Dad, do you really want me to come back? I… I'm still worried about Hiram. I'm afraid that he might send me away again!"

"Your brother WILL NOT disrespect me like that again. I am his father and he will not send you back to the U.S.!" Gavin had made up his mind. And that was that.

"Well… Well then, it's settled. I'll come back home and visit you and mom as soon as possible."

Lydia was filled with hope. She was grinning from ear to ear as she hung up the phone.

It had been four long, grueling years. 'Hiram, finally I get to see you again!'

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