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   Chapter 284 They Met Unexpectedly

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"Grandma, I missed you too," Jonny said with a sweet voice. He looked handsome and adorable in plaid overalls.

Fannie, whose heart was close to melting, listened to her grandson's soft baby voice, and said,"Oh, so did I! My sweethearts, I wish I could live with you every day and see you grow up!"

Rachel went downstairs. She spread her arms open and shouted with a smile,"Mom! Did you forget about your daughter? I'm here!"

"Nonsense, Rachel! You are my only daughter. How could I ever forget that?" Fannie smiled back at her. She hugged Rachel, patted her shoulders and said,"I'm glad to see that you look well and more beautiful than ever before. I didn't even know that was possible."

Fannie pulled herself out of Rachel's arms. The color on Rachel's face showed that she was living a pretty good life.

A woman's eyes always portrayed her life, good or bad.

Rachel's rosy face always seemed like she was wearing an uplifting smile. She took Fannie to the living room, where they sat on the couch. Fannie held Jonny in her arms, and Rachel held Joyce.

"Rach, aren't they old enough to go to school yet?" Fannie asked, while she was cracking her delectable sunflower seeds for Jonny, with him still in her arms.

"Hiram didn't want their happy childhood to end so soon. So, we'll wait till early next year, before sending them to school, mom." Fannie smiled and stroked Rachel's cheek with her soft hand. However, Rachel didn't tell her mom everything Hiram said.

He claimed that his children were highly intelligent, just like him, and that they would thus, find it easy to learn anything. They would not be average. So, he would focus more on their physical and mental health than the knowledge that they would obtain in school.

Although Rachel understood his intentions, she also knew that as the only son of the Rong family, Hiram must have been placed under a lot of pressure, which was more than anyone could comprehend. In other words, if he didn't accomplish anything, he would have been replaced by another child in the family, one that was more talented, which would've brought shame to his father's legacy.

Everything he owned and achieved, wasn't the result of the family he was born into, although he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. On the contrary, it was because he worked harder than anyone else.

So, he was harsher on his son and wanted him to be better than his competitors. It wasn't because he didn't love him, but because he had his own manner of educating his children, which strayed away from the norm of society.

"I agree with him. Children today are facin

Gavin over the last few years. Gavin continued to mind his business, while Fannie continued living her own life. However, today it was their first official meeting in two years.

"Rachel, I think I'd better leave. Joanna, it was nice to see you. See you later!"

Fannie said. She didn't want to overstay her welcome or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Rachel knew her mother so well that she asked Jonny to come over. "Jonny, how about you go and live with grandma Fannie in the countryside for a couple of days? You can keep her company."

Since Fannie had no son and only a daughter, Jonny was her only grandson. Her only wish now was to take care of her daughter's son. Nonetheless, she didn't think that her dream could ever be fulfilled.

In the past, Jonny was too young to be looked after by Fannie herself, but now he was a little older. It seemed like there wouldn't be anything to worry about if she took him back to the countryside for only a few days, accompanied by a nanny, of course.

When Fannie heard what Rachel said, she couldn't help but look over at Jonny and ask with an eager tone in her voice,"Jonny, would you like to go and live with grandma Fannie for a few days?"

Fannie thought it would be great if the twins could take turns and live with her occasionally for a couple of days. Then, she wouldn't have to live alone. She also wouldn't feel as bored in the countryside.

The next moment, unexpectedly, before Jonny even had a chance to answer her, Gavin responded in a loud voice,"Are you kidding me? They are Rong family's grandchildren and descendants. How could they possibly go and suffer like peasants in the countryside?"

Once he finished his sentences, the room was filled with complete silence.

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