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   Chapter 283 Silk Camisole

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Hearing this, Hiram couldn't help but laugh. She was really an imaginative woman.

"What's so funny? Of course I would save my mom! I felt much better when thinking about it," Rachel said, as she lowered her head and began nervously rubbing her nails.

"You made the right choice, because I'm capable of protecting myself," Hiram smiled and continued speaking on the topic in an effort to satisfy her imagination.

Chad felt relieved when he heard the couple in the seats behind him. He had been a little worried that Hiram might ask Rachel about Patrick.

It turned out that Hiram trusted Rachel more than he thought.

It seemed impossible for Patrick to be able to wedge himself in between them.

At Tulip Palace, after dinner, Rachel gave Joyce a bath and charged Hiram to bathe Jonny.

When Rachel and Joyce finished, Hiram had just finished bathing Jonny too.

"Mom, look how tall my building is!" Jonny waved Rachel over to admire the tower he had made out of building blocks. He often built things out of his blocks when he couldn't fall asleep.

After being put to bed for the night by her mom, Joyce climbed out of her bed and ran to Hiram who was in the middle of reviewing files. Rachel walked up to Jonny, trying to put him to bed as well.

"Jonny, why is the building you made cylindrical?" Rachel asked. She was appreciating the building Jonny built, sitting on the carpet with her legs crossed. The building was a little peculiar but that made it interesting.

"Because all the buildings I saw are rectangular, I thought it would be fun to build a cylindrical building," Jonny said, with a blue block in his hand.

"Haha! Jonny, you silly boy! Only the chimney is cylindrical," Joyce teased, making a face at him.

Jonny pursed his lips and protested,"Why can't a house be cylindrical?"

Hearing their conversation, Hiram set down the files and began rubbing Joyce's head. "Joyce, don't tease your younger brother. He's a boy with a lot of brilliant, creative ideas," he said.

"Okay, Dad. I won't tease him anymore if he promises to build a big and round house for me when he grows up," Joyce said, as

hrough the window. Rachel stretched her hand out from under the blanket and picked up her poor silk lingerie camisole that was now torn. She sighed at the sight of the lingerie. 300 dollars had gone out the window.

She had planned to wear it to add an occasional touch of freshness between her and Hiram. She was not expecting to wear it only once.

That man was crazy.

"Mrs. Rong, are you awake? Your mom just called and asked if you were home. She said she would come over soon," the maid said as she knocked at the door.

Rachel got right out of bed. She checked the time and saw it was already almost nine. When she checked her cellphone, she knew why Fannie hadn't called her on her phone, it was dead.

"Okay. Thanks," she answered and immediately started brushing her teeth and getting ready for the day.

Fannie had a hot temper. Rachel was almost dressed when she heard someone talking to the maid downstairs.

"Oh, my kids! I missed you so much!"

After coming into the house, Fannie first approached the kids. She pulled Joyce and Jonny into her arms and said,"I missed you so badly!" She smothered them with kisses. "Did you miss me too?"

Joyce said with a smile,"Grandma, of course I missed you very much!"

"You are so sweet! Let me take a good look at you. Wow, you're getting more beautiful, much more beautiful than your mom was at your age," Fannie said, as she hugged Joyce even tighter.

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