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   Chapter 282 The Adorkable Hostess

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The adorkable hostess approached Rachel.

"Miss, could you please come here and greet everyone? I promise to take a close-up shot of you and to make you look beautiful!"

Rachel couldn't help but wonder why she met a hostess as she waited for Hiram. And the woman was doing a live broadcast.

The oddity of it made her cock her head as another question confused her. Why was Hiram not here yet when he said that he would come down within a few seconds?

"Come on, miss. Could you please greet the audience of our Star Webcast?"

Trapped in the situation, Rachel secretly drew a deep breath before smiling at the camera. It was just then that she suddenly remembered a thought.

'When you can't avoid something, just go ahead and face it with courage and confidence.'

Anyway, she didn't think that the audience would know who she was. She wasn't wearing any makeup today.

"Well, hello, everyone!"

The faces on the screen were all unfamiliar to Rachel. Nonetheless, she still waved to greet them. It was actually a surprise to her that the webcast had around sixty to seventy thousand fans.

"Wow! Does everyone see this young lady? She looks very pretty! It seems like that she really is born beautiful. I love her! Miss, what do you think of Mr. Rong? Could you please share your opinion with us?"

The question made Rachel blink as she honestly never saw that coming. 'What do I think of Hiram?' she thought.

It took her a while before she said with a smile,"I think that he is a good man. There isn't any rumor about his love affairs which means that he preserves his moral integrity. Moreover, he doesn't enjoy interviews either which connotes that he is down-to-earth. Overall, he must be a good man!"

Dare she speak ill of him?

"You have a point there! Let's move to the next question. What do you think of his looks? Is he handsome? Is he your cup of tea?"

asked the hostess earnestly through her wireless microphone. She was holding her mobile device high to record the program too.

"Well, err..." Rachel was thinking of what to answer when she unconsciously turned to the screen. Her eyes widened instantly with the comments popping there one by one.

However, the hostess was focused on interviewing Rachel.

Thus, she didn't notice how the screen was overwhelmed by comments.



Hiram looked at his wife who was still in his arms then quickly snatched her phone away, saying,"Keep yourself away from those people. They are good at quickly cutting others to draw public attention. I will order the security guards to pay special attention to the journalists and forbid them from doing their live broadcast in front of Streams Building."

"There's no need to deal with it. We could just enjoy our life and ignore them. It doesn't really matter even if they tease us for entertainment," said Rachel as she snuggled up to his shoulder and shook her head.

The Rong Family was one of the most influential families in H City and Hiram was God's favored one. That reality consistently prevailed regardless of what happened to him.

"Are you serious? Don't you mind it?" asked Hiram as he pinched her chin.

As a reaction to it, Rachel lay on his legs and stared at him from below. She replied,"It is not important whether I mind it or not. Moreover..."

"What?" Hiram cut her off while gazing at her eyes. The incident in the Opera House didn't only leave a scar in her mind but made him feel sorry for her too.

He had sworn to himself that he would make it up to her for the rest of his life. God knew how determined he was to keep his promise.

Rachel remained lying comfortably on his legs. She blinked her eyes a couple of times before she opened her mouth again. "Moreover, let's assume that you and my mother are both in a dangerous situation and I could only save one person. Who do you think I should save?"

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