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   Chapter 281 Trying To Steal His Wife

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Rachel felt surprised that Patrick would buy her flowers and ask her out. She didn't think that they knew each other so well and he seemed to have no reason to do that.

"Never mind, Rachel. You will get used to it." Patrick pressed a service button to call their waiter. He then ordered two desserts and intently looked at Rachel who was sitting opposite to him. "I know you need to have your meals with your kids, so I won't invite you to dinner tonight," Patrick said.

Staring at Patrick, who Rachel noticed had changed a lot, started to freak Rachel out. "Mr. Yan, why did you ask me out like this? Do you have anything important to tell me?" asked Rachel, with a confused expression on her face.

"No, I didn't have an intention, nor a question. I simply wanted to ask you out and have a chat with you."

Patrick leaned back on the sofa. A sense of tenderness appeared on his perfectly angular face. He kept gazing at Rachel deliberately and refused to take his eyes off her.

Rachel tucked her hair behind her ear, slightly moved her gaze and said,"Mr. Yan, if you have nothing specific to tell me, then I must leave now."

"Why are you in such a hurry? The desserts are ready for us to enjoy. Why don't you eat some before you leave?" replied Patrick, as he saw the waiter walking towards them with the desserts in his hands. "It won't take up much of your time, trust me."

With his attempt to persuade Rachel, Patrick took one of the desserts himself and placed it in front of her.

Rachel lifted her fork, cast a glance at Patrick who was fixing his eyes on his own dessert, and then had a few bites. "Mr. Yan, you're acting strangely towards me. I am not used to this type of behavior from you. You know, we aren't that well acquainted with one another. So, if you have nothing to tell me, please don't ask me out again,"

she said while eating the dessert that was placed in front of her, head lowered.

It seemed very odd for a man, who to her was pretty much a stranger, to suddenly ask her out and give her flowers as a gift.

Patrick couldn't help but burst into laughter. He didn't seem like the kind of man that wasted his time. His smile was particularly quite nice. He portrayed an attractive image of what a woman hoped for a man to be.

"Well fine, I admit that I haven't left a very good impression on you before. However, I'm working on it. Although we are not familiar with each other now, I'm sure we'll get to know each other better after we've met a few more times.

Rachel took a bite of her dessert and

the edge of the parterre, as she waited for Hiram to come out. Her eyes were focused on the stream of traffic in front of her.

Rachel felt overwhelmed, as she suddenly heard the voice of a hostess. Rachel immediately froze up and didn't dare to turn her head.

"Audience, welcome to Star Entertainment! I'm your favorite hostess, Irene. At the moment, I'm standing in front of the Streams Company and broadcasting to you from my phone.

These days the hottest people are, of course, the esteemed president of the Streams Company, Hiram Rong and his secret wife who gave him twins. There are speculations that his wife also plays a small acting role in Clare's new TV series! I'm so anxious to see them and, I believe that you all want to see them too!

Well, I have good news for you. According to our duty journalist, Mr. Rong is still in his building as we speak!

Do you want to see an appearance by the secret president? If your answer is yes, please pay attention to me and don't leave!"

Realizing that the hostess was making a live broadcast with her phone, Rachel quickly turned her head away, as she was scared of someone seeing her.

At that same moment, she slowly stood up with the intention to leave quietly. It wasn't safe for her to be among all of those people.

"To be honest, I have the same feeling as all of you! I also want to see the famous Mr. Rong. Will he be as secretive and handsome as people have said before? I'm so excited to finally see him!

"Oh, I see a young lady right there. What's her opinion about Mr. Rong? Let's go interview her."

Seeing that Rachel had stood up, the hostess quickly walked over to her with a wireless microphone in her hand.

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