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   Chapter 280 My Plan To Compel You Again

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"Mr. Wolf… Mr. Wolf!"

Rachel called Hiram as she rolled her eyes. Suddenly, she stopped Hiram and said,"I told you that you couldn't touch me for a week. You need to learn self-control."

Hiram lifted her finger to his lips, and lightly bit it to punish her for what she said. "Dear, you will have your period in a week, right? You are deliberately digging a hole for me, huh?"

Hiram thought, 'If I suppress myself this week and next week while she is on her period, half a month will pass and I will get nothing.'

Rachel shifted her gaze to the ceiling and thought, 'How does he know what I am thinking?

And how does he keep track of my periods so well?'

"What do you mean by 'digging a hole for you?' I didn't push you to take me out today." And you fell back on your words. You deserve it!" Rachel retorted after finding her trick had been exposed.

Hiram frowned and then formed an evil grin. "Well, since you meant that I forced you. I don't mind compelling you again."

He pulled the blanket over their heads as he spoke.

"Hiram! You can't do this. This is violence!" Rachel wanted so badly to push him away, but she knew it was impossible.

How could she fight off such a strong wolf?

"Violence? I think you enjoy it." Hiram smiled charmingly, setting his gaze on Rachel, whose body seemed to be compromising.

At the same time, in a superior suite in a six-star hotel, a man was sitting on the sofa with his feet up, taking a deep drag on the brown cigar and puffing out a cloud of smoke.

"Mr. Yan, I've been in bed alone for a long time. Why are you still sitting there? I'm so lonely."

On the luxurious Simmons bed, lay a woman with a beautiful body and curly hair, wrapped in a blanket luring him in a soft voice.

Patrick locked eyes with the woman, as he leaned on the sofa lazily and continued to smoke. His dark brown eyes appeared to have no sexual desire, rather boredom.

"Get up. Get dressed and go home!" Patrick said and took a stack of cash from his trouser pocket and placed it on the table.

"Mr. Yan, what do you mean? You called me here to have fun, didn't you? I'm naked. Do you really want me to leave right now?" Wrapping herself in the blanket as if it was a towel, the woman walked up to him and knelt n

was already complete. She grabbed her bag and left the office.

Almost everyone in the office had already left.

Celine had been really into going on dates in the evenings, so she left on time every day. She wanted to get married as soon as possible after seeing Rachel as a wife and mother.

"Mrs. Rong?"

As Rachel walked out of the building, she was immediately greeted by a young man with a bouquet of flowers for her.

"Who are you?" Rachel asked. She had never seen this guy before.

"My name is James. My boss asked me to deliver these flowers to you. He is waiting for you in the café downstairs," the young man answered with a smile and handed her the flowers.

Rachel looked at the red roses in her hands and formed a frown, guessing who had sent them to her.


He would take her to enjoy the sight of unknown wildflowers across mountains and plains, instead of sending her a bunch of flowers. He isn't a sappy man. Why did he change his nature today?'

In the café downstairs, Rachel walked into a small, compact room that felt like a box. She was shocked when she saw the man sitting there. She thought it was going to be Hiram.

It was in fact not Hiram, but someone she would never expect to see sitting there.

"Hi. Are you disappointed to see me?" Patrick put his coffee cup down, focusing his eyes on Rachel, whose little face looked alarmed.

"Mr. Yan, I am a little surprised. I did not expect to see you."

Rachel sat down and set the flowers on the table.

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